Doctors report scheduling more liposuction patients because of a faster, easier procedure.

The Tickle Lipo device is described as being more comfortable for patients & more efficient in removing fat.
Tickle Lipo results
Tickle Lipo results
March 7, 2011 - PRLog -- Los Angeles, CA - Liposuction, Liposculpture, Body Contouring – Whatever it’s called, liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, and has been for years. With the right equipment in the hands of a skilled physician, the body can be sculpted more precisely and with less downtime than could have been possible just a few years ago.

Enter TICKLE LIPO™ , a device that received its name based on comments from doctors who reported on the slight tickling sensation described by some patients during their procedures. The system takes a different approach to removing fat than the laser and ultrasound enhanced devices that have gained wide recognition. Instead of relying upon heat to break up the fat cells before removal, TICKLE LIPO™ uses “nutational” technology in which the cannula (the tube used to remove fat and sculpt the body) rotates during the liposuction process, This movement breaks up the fat cells more efficiently, say doctors who are using the system.

Dr. Laurence Weider is a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas: “I was skeptical at first of the idea of patients being “tickled” during their liposuction procedures, but I have been impressed with the efficacy and ease of use of the Tickle Lipo process,” says Dr. Weider. “As a plastic surgeon I have all modalities of liposuction available to me, however this system allows me to perform a thorough liposuction procedure under local anesthesia. This means that patients can have all the benefits of true tumescent liposuction with minimal downtime. Tickle Lipo makes it possible to remove more fat in more areas at the same time, making it ideal for patient safety and comfort. Because of the increased comfort afforded by the process, Tickle Lipo is also excellent for touch-ups or revision liposuction."

"Tickle Lipo allows me to remove more fat in less time and to sculpt the body more efficiently,” says Dr. Thomas Barnes, a cosmetic surgeon located in Newport Beach, CA. “The rotating cannula also allows me to sculpt in dense areas and fibrous tissue, for better results. With this new process, I find that recovery is faster and patients can be back to work in a day or two.”

Dr. Daniel Man, a board certified plastic surgeon who practices in Boca Raton, Fl. Dr. Man was an early adopter of the Tickle Lipo device. “The ease of maneuvering the special cannula allows me to do high definition body sculpting in much less time,” says Dr. Man. “It is more effective and safer, removing deeper fat, as well as superficial fat lying just under the skin with ease.”

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