Charger for Panasonic CGA-S005 Battery Charger

Panasonic CGA-S005 battery charger, 1 year warranty
March 7, 2011 - PRLog -- Panasonic CGA-S005 Battery Charger Discription:

The battery charger suitable for Panasonic CGA-S005 battery, the Panasonic CGA-S005 battery charger lets you work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations. It provides uninterrupted long life and consistently reliable performance you need to get the most out of your system.

Li-ion or Li-polymer Battery Charger Only, Input: 100-240AC, Output: DC 4.2V/8.4V

  1. Charger Size: 80.30x49.84x47.84mm

  2. 1 year warranty
This battery charger is also suitable for:


   * LEICA
     BP-DC4    BP-DC4-E    BP-DC4-J

     CGA-S005    CGA-S005A    CGA-S005A/1B
     CGA-S005E    CGA-S005E/1B    DMW-BCC12

   * RICOH
     DB-60    DB-65    

The original models of this Panasonic CGA-S005 Battery Charger:

     BC-70    NP-70    

   * LEICA
     BP-DC4    BP-DC4-E    BP-DC4-J

     DE-A11    DMW-BCC12    

   * RICOH
     BJ-6    DB-60    

This battery charer is also suitable for following models:

     Finepix F20    FinePix F40fd    FinePix F45fd
     FinePix F47fd         

   * LEICA
     C-LUX1    D-LUX 4    D-LUX2

     DMC-FX01    DMC-FX150EFK    DMC-FX8GN
     DMC-LX3EF-K    Lumix DMC- FX07EF-S    Lumix DMC-FS1
     Lumix DMC-FS2    Lumix DMC-FX01-A    Lumix DMC-FX01-K
     Lumix DMC-FX01-P    Lumix DMC-FX01-S    Lumix DMC-FX01-W
     Lumix DMC-FX01BB    Lumix DMC-FX01BS    Lumix DMC-FX01EB-K
     Lumix DMC-FX01EB-S    Lumix DMC-FX01EB-W    Lumix DMC-FX01EF-A
     Lumix DMC-FX01EF-K    Lumix DMC-FX01EF-S    Lumix DMC-FX01EF-W
     Lumix DMC-FX01EG    Lumix DMC-FX01EG-A    Lumix DMC-FX01EG-K
     Lumix DMC-FX01EG-S    Lumix DMC-FX01GK    Lumix DMC-FX07
     Lumix DMC-FX07EF    Lumix DMC-FX07EG    Lumix DMC-FX07EGM
     Lumix DMC-FX07K    Lumix DMC-FX10    Lumix DMC-FX100EF-K
     Lumix DMC-FX100EF-N    Lumix DMC-FX100EF-S    Lumix DMC-FX100EG
     Lumix DMC-FX100EG-K    Lumix DMC-FX100EG-S    Lumix DMC-FX100GK
     Lumix DMC-FX10A    Lumix DMC-FX10EB-K    Lumix DMC-FX10EB-S
     Lumix DMC-FX10EF-S    Lumix DMC-FX10EG    Lumix DMC-FX10EG-A
     Lumix DMC-FX10EG-S    Lumix DMC-FX10P    Lumix DMC-FX10S
     Lumix DMC-FX12    Lumix DMC-FX12EB-K    Lumix DMC-FX12EB-S
     Lumix DMC-FX12EF-S    Lumix DMC-FX12EG    Lumix DMC-FX12EG-K
     Lumix DMC-FX12EG-S    Lumix DMC-FX12GK    Lumix DMC-FX12K
     Lumix DMC-FX12S    Lumix DMC-FX150    Lumix DMC-FX150K
     Lumix DMC-FX150S    Lumix DMC-FX180    Lumix DMC-FX180GK
     Lumix DMC-FX180K    Lumix DMC-FX180N    Lumix DMC-FX180S
     Lumix DMC-FX3    Lumix DMC-FX3EF    Lumix DMC-FX3EF-S
     Lumix DMC-FX3EG    Lumix DMC-FX3EG-S    Lumix DMC-FX3EGM
     Lumix DMC-FX3K    Lumix DMC-FX3S    Lumix DMC-FX50
     Lumix DMC-FX50EF    Lumix DMC-FX50EG    Lumix DMC-FX50EGM
     Lumix DMC-FX50K    Lumix DMC-FX8    Lumix DMC-FX8-A
     Lumix DMC-FX8-K    Lumix DMC-FX8-P    Lumix DMC-FX8-S
     Lumix DMC-FX8BS    Lumix DMC-FX8EBB    Lumix DMC-FX8EG-A
     Lumix DMC-FX8EG-K    Lumix DMC-FX8EG-P    Lumix DMC-FX8EG-S
     Lumix DMC-FX8GK    Lumix DMC-FX9    Lumix DMC-FX9-H
     Lumix DMC-FX9-K    Lumix DMC-FX9-R    Lumix DMC-FX9-S
     Lumix DMC-FX9BB    Lumix DMC-FX9BS    Lumix DMC-FX9EB-K
     Lumix DMC-FX9EB-S    Lumix DMC-FX9EF-K    Lumix DMC-FX9EF-S
     Lumix DMC-FX9EG    Lumix DMC-FX9EG-K    Lumix DMC-FX9EG-R
     Lumix DMC-FX9EG-S    Lumix DMC-FX9GK    Lumix DMC-LX1
     Lumix DMC-LX1-K    Lumix DMC-LX1-S    Lumix DMC-LX1BS
     Lumix DMC-LX1EG-K    Lumix DMC-LX1EG-S    Lumix DMC-LX1GK
     Lumix DMC-LX1K-B    Lumix DMC-LX1S-B    Lumix DMC-LX2
     Lumix DMC-LX2EF    Lumix DMC-LX2EF-S    Lumix DMC-LX2EG
     Lumix DMC-LX2EG-K    Lumix DMC-LX2EG-S    Lumix DMC-LX2EGM
     Lumix DMC-LX2EGM-K    Lumix DMC-LX2K    Lumix DMC-LX2S
     Lumix DMC-LX3    Lumix DMC-LX3GK    Lumix DMC-LX3K
     Lumix DMC-LX3S    LumixDMC-LX3S    

   * RICOH
     Caplio GR Digital    Caplio GR Digital I    Caplio GR Digital II
     Caplio GX100    Caplio R3    Caplio R30
     Caplio R4    Caplio R40    Caplio R5
     G600    GR Digital III    GX200

Panasonic CGA-S005 Battery Charger Information:

   * Li-ion and NiMH batteries are not interchangeable.

   * 100% QC. of EVERY Panasonic CGA-S005 Battery Charger.

   * Intelligent battery pack.

   * Manufactured By Hi-Capacity power products.

   * Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

   * If you need a part for your model that is not listed above, please

   * Brand new - We never sell used or refurbished batteries and battery chargers!

   * We accept PayPal payment. Credit Card payments through PayPal is accepted.

   * It is our goal to provide our customer 100% satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our product, return the product(s) to us within 15 days and we will refund the full product price (no shipping cost will be refunded unless it is proved that the return is a result of our error).
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