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March 4, 2011 - PRLog -- free traffic generating systems:
-The Best Deal in Free Traffic System-
Get traffic and visitors for your site easily, and for free. Check these 3 free website traffic generating systems:

1) Easy downline building system, free website traffic growing monthly.
Wiibeez Free Traffic Generating System for your website. The best deal to get millions visitors to your site for free:
-Very easy and fast downline builder. (You get a personal webpage + The registration source code for your site)
Free Website Traffic: GET MORE THAN 100,000,000 (hundred millions) Visitors traffic hits to your website yearly.
Fast downline builder marketing by your own choice:
- We give you the 'signup form' source code to insert it on your website or blog,
then you can use your own site traffic to promote your downline builder program.
- We give you a web page to promote your downline.

(some site owners have received more than +250 millions visitors to their websites or blog by using this amazing free system.)

This not an autosurf program, PTC, PPC, PPV, it is much better than a traffic exchange, it is a 'downline traffic builder'!
Imagine the potential for your website(s) or blog(s) with this free traffic generator!
Best of all: It is free. All you have to do is to sign up, and start getting automated traffic.
You just need to register your website detail into the registration form to set up your account, and start to receive free traffic visitors to your website for free

2) Free traffic PTC ratio up to 1:75 (View one webpage for 17 seconds and get up to 75 free visitors back to your site.)
-Free traffic from PTC networks at 1:75 ratio (You get up to 75 free visitors for your site, for one page view of 17 seconds only)
Free traffic - Real free traffic visitors for your website: Get up to 1800 free traffic visitors for your website daily:
Some autosurf networks are delivering real free traffic to your website, not only by autosurfing* (*you don't need to autosurf to get free traffic visitors to your website), but as a daily bonus you can earn daily on a PTC (pay to click) webpage:  (By using these PTC programs, you are not paid in money, but paid with free traffic hits visitors for your website. The best deal in free traffic for your site.)

View 1 page for 17 seconds only, and get 75 visitors back for your website, others page view of 17 seconds are giving 50 or 25 visitors (page view) for your site (as it is PTC, it depends of advertisers setting: 75, 50, or 25 credits (page view) given upon each PTC link.

So it means, by viewing a webpage for 17 seconds only, you get a free website traffic ratio of:
1:75 (view one page and get 75 page view in return for your website)
1:50 (view one page and get 50 page view in return for your website)
1:25 (view one page and get 25 page view in return for your website)

You can earn up to 300 daily free traffic visitors for your website by only viewing 4 or 5 webpages for 17 seconds each (it's take less than 2 minutes to view these webpages).

As there are 6 autosurf/PTC programs from the same networks, and operated by the same owner, it means you can earn up to 1800 free traffic visitors for your website daily. (Yes, it means 1800 page view for your website. absolutely free). No autosurfing needed, only PTC links.

3) Submit your website for free on thousands sites (text ad box)
-Free website submition to thousands websites around the hits2you network (Your ad will be shown on all hits2you networks sites + high traffic sites also. A great way for free traffic visits to your site.)
Submit your website for FREE and be exposed to potentially thousands of new and unique visitors!

Your advert will be randomly displayed on test boxes on all affiliate hits2u websites. Your ad will be shown and then, you will get visitors to your site when someone click on your ad*. (*Tips: to get a high volume of free visitors, write an attractive text to be displayed, attractive to get more clicks)
   This is an EXTREMELY HIGH TRAFFIC network.

   Your advert will also be randomly displayed on hits2you promotional banners placed on our members high traffic websites. Another way to get free visitors and free traffic!

Submit your website URL for FREE. Just fill the registration form and start receiving free traffic.

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Wiibeez Multiple search engines technology. Allow users to search the web from multiple sources, including scientific, algorithm based & invisible web, and entertainment such as movies and music with our selection of search engines all in one.
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