Corporate Therapist Kelly Graves, Partners with Bonnie Worthington for Website Optimization and SEO

I hired Bonnie to oversee the design of my website, improve my findability on the search engines and improve sales. She surpassed my expectations and has given me clients I never would have secured without her knowledge and expertise. ~Kelly Graves
Bonnie Worthington Website Optimization-SEO
Bonnie Worthington Website Optimization-SEO
March 4, 2011 - PRLog -- CEO of Internal Business Solutions, The Corporate Therapist, Kelly Graves has retained Bonnie Worthington and her Website Optimization firm, for the second year in a row as SEO-search engine optimization, and website optimization director for his company’s internet marketing department.

Says Graves about Worthington, “Over the last ten years, I have spent a fortune on websites and other "SEO specialists" and did not get one client from it until I hired Bonnie Worthington.

I thought I would give the whole website Internet marketing effort one more shot and I am so glad that I did. I hired Bonnie Worthington and her firm to oversee the re-construction of my website, to improve my findability on the search engines and everything else related to my on-line marketing efforts. She surpassed my expectations and has literally given me clients I never would have secured without her knowledge and expertise. One new, international client of mine is located in the Caribbean, so I go there 6-7 times a year to work. The clients Bonnie has directly helped me secure have resulted in significant revenue generation for my company.

While most of my competitors are cutting back or going out of business due to the current economic conditions, my business is thriving and I am positioning myself very well in my industry. As a result of the return on investment I received by hiring Bonnie, I have hired Bonnie on a retainer basis. She continues to monitor all aspects of my website: i.e., overseeing my website tech's, maximizing my pay per click advertising and most importantly making sure that my website natural findability is consistently at the top of the Google, and other search engine results pages. I recommend Bonnie as a professional that is trustworthy, knowledgeable and will get you the return on your investment.”

~Kelly Graves, CEO Internal Business Solutions, Inc.

In this position, Bonnie Worthington will be overseeing the Branding of Mr. Graves’ Corporate Therapist trademark, as well as guide his company’s social media department, pay per click advertising, give blogging guidance, work on fine tuning the website’s design elements to enhance visitor experience and increase website sales.  Worthington will also direct YouTube video marking, content development, and all search engine optimization strategies for and (the websites for Kelly Graves).

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Bonnie Worthington can help your website rank higher on the three major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing and any other search engine of your choosing. Through techniques such as search engine optimization and other safe methods, you get more sales.


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