TwinSpirit's 'My Beautiful Ugly' -Kick Start Your Heart Campaign

TwinSpirit Launches the "Kick Start Your Heart" Campaign to support the release of her new album entitled 'My Beautiful Ugly' and the launch of it's sister project- 'GetNakkedOnline: A Self Love Movement'.
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March 3, 2011 - PRLog -- TwinSpirit Launches the "Kick Start Your Heart" Campaign to support the release of her new album entitled "My Beautiful Ugly" and the launch of it's sister project-"GetNakkedOnline: A Self Love Movement".

The talented artist is set to release her exciting new album April 2011, a move which is sure to thrill her diverse army of fans across the world.

TwinSpirit is preparing to release her album this Spring, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented singer-songwriter. TwinSpirit, who lives in Atlanta , GA , has just put the final touches to the album, and is now preparing for the imminent release that will hopefully build upon her current fan base and reach more ears and hearts than ever.

The album, ‘My Beautiful Ugly’, consists of twelve original songs from TwinSpirit, each providing an eclectic flavor which consist of a tasty blend of soul, jazz, and world flavor, Sprinkled with a hint of funk and topped off with a touch of experimental pizazz. Her sound is organic and the pictures it paints are filled with sincerity & strength as well as vulnerabilities and human-ness. Its been coined "Hypnotic Soul" which charismatically describes her artistic expression and vocal abilities.

The album was recorded at Sound Resort Studio in Atlanta, GA and its creation was supported by musicians who have been associated with Tony Lindsey (Carlos Santana), Tasha LaRae (Arrested Development), Debra Killings, & Tracy Hamlin (Pieces of a Dream). It was produced by Donovan 'Groov' Henderson and TwinSpirit and was post produced by Stellar Award Winning Engineers George Kelly & Dwayne 'DK' Kelly.

The theme of the album underlies the self discovery that TwinSpirit has undergone over recent years. 'My Beautiful Ugly' started years before this artist even joined any bands, or began collaborating as a songwriter. It arose from her journey through life. The journey we all take that brings us pain, joy, adventure, love… These experiences and emotions needed a form of expression. TwinSpirit found her vessel through music, lyric, and poetry.

For a long time these reflections had been hidden in tattered notebooks or jotted on any piece of paper she could find at the moment of inspiration. The day to share these songs with the world has now arrived.

‘My Beautiful Ugly’ reveals the stunning array of influences that have found their way into TwinSpirit’s music. With vocals so deeply hypnotic, they penetrate to the core of the soul of the listener. Her live performances are so honest and real that many have called it "a spiritual experience".

TwinSpirit keeps her performance real with a raw edge. She sways from soulful poetic melodies to delivering deeply felt power vocals.

Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, & Voice....5 Pistons of an engine firing simultaneously, a diesel energy shot that people can feel & use to celebrate their own souls.

TwinSpirit transcends genres and effortlessly blends them all into one sound. She is master of her craft. She ebbs & flows-blending to create a musical style that is uniquely their own.

TwinSpirit is not about conventions. In fact, she might rather you see both sides of a thing just so you can truly know where you stand.

Her desire to inspire others to self discover and reconnect with who they are at the core birthed the whole 'GetNakkedOnline: Self Love Movement'. This movement is simply about peeling back the layers. Revealing, embracing, & loving yourself, period.

Finally allowing you to see and reconnect with the U of YOU. No makeup, no mask, no expectations, no fashion statements, no agendas, no pretending, no dogmas, just the pure raw You...the Soul. In all its natural organic beauty.

TwinSpirit's goal with the release of 'My Beautiful Ugly' and the launch of 'GetNakkedOnline' is to share the stories of others, just like you, who have decided to be courageous enough to say "YES" to their Dreams, Desires, Intuitions, Feelings, Hopes, Creative Energy, and essence their SPIRITS. Those who have decided to say "YES" to living the reality they were born to live. Those who have decided to take the road less traveled and live a life of Purpose on Purpose.

TwinSpirit is merely an artist who hopes to impact the world in a positive way doing what she loves to do..."CREATE".

The album will be launching shortly, and fans are encouraged to visit TwinSpirit’s website, which provides everything you could want to know about this artist. As well as checking out videos of TwinSpirit's performances at venues worldwide. You can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and events.

Fans can also check out her MySpace page and can even join up to be her friend on Facebook.


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