How much longer can the Internet survive attacks from Botnets?

Alan B. Johnston, Internet expert, explores the world of cyber attacks in his stunning debut thriller, Counting From Zero. Dr. Johnston uses his extensive industry knowledge, realistically exploring the dangers of botnet attacks to the Internet.
By: Alan B. Johnston
Counting From Zero Book Cover
Counting From Zero Book Cover
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Feb. 28, 2011 - PRLog -- Alan B. Johnston, expert on Internet communications and security, explores the world of cyber attacks, and zombie computer networks in his stunning debut thriller, Counting From Zero.  

Internet security expert Mick O’Malley is the only one who recognizes the growing threat of the ‘ultimate zero day attack’ on the Internet from a massive botnet. Only his unique hacker skills and network of colleagues and friends enable him to fight back, exploiting all his skills to crack the encryption used by the botnet – and reveal its shadowy creators.  

Seemingly more cyber prep than cyber punk, Mick has his own secrets. In a desperate race across the globe, he is forced to rely on his encryption talents to assume a series of alternative identities – identities that may save him when he becomes the target of a ferocious series of attacks on his reputation, his identity, and ultimately his life.  

Uncover the facts behind the fiction…  

As the recent Wikileaks attacks show, botnets are an ever-increasing threat to the Internet. And most of us don’t even know they exist.  

In today’s world, every computer connected to the Internet is under constant attack from viruses, worms, port scans, and spam.  Worse, millions of computers have already have become slave computers - remotely controlled ‘zombies’.  Under the control of organized crime, these computers are morphing into collections known in the industry as robot networks – or ‘botnets’.  

With today’s Internet-based electronic commerce and banking, and global markets and supply chain management, a worldwide Internet collapse would be catastrophic.  In all likelihood, we would be plunged into a global economic depression.  

In Counting From Zero, Alan B. Johnston, uses his extensive industry knowledge to underpin his novel, realistically exploring the dangers of botnets to the Internet, and the preventative measures that must be used by today’s experts to protect our systems against them.  

Counting From Zero is available now on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, soon on iBooks, Nook, and others.  

DR. ALAN B. JOHNSTON is a leading expert in Internet Communications, Voice over IP (VoIP), and security.  He is an Adjunct Professor at Washington University in St. Louis and a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Avaya, Inc.  He is the author of SIP: Understanding the Session Initiation Protocol, Internet Communications using SIP, and Understanding Voice over IP Security.  For more information, visit and on Facebook

To schedule an interview with Johnston, or to receive a review copy of Counting From Zero, please contact us at +1 314 596 2251 or info at

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