Download Unknown Full Movie 2011 with Liam Neeson

Have looked today feature film "Unknown" Jaume Serra, previously specialized in horror movies. Change genre middling horrornogo machine operators was very successful.
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Download Unknown Full Movie 2011 with Liam Neeson
Download Unknown Full Movie 2011 with Liam Neeson
Feb. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- Tie it simple - a scientist botanist and his wife arrive at velikonauchny summit in Berlin, the hero of Liam Neeson in confusion at the airport forgets diplomat who returns to him, the taxi gets into an accident, he was 4 days into a coma. Sweep of righteous concern for the spouse, who on it, neither sleep nor spirit, he runs straight from the House into a hotel, where it turns out that his and no one is looking, his wife does not know, and her husband, a scientist botanist, so he, along with expensive colleagues. "The patient is a gap pattern, and in the search for himself, he spends with the light remaining 2 / 3 of screen time.

Sometimes while watching overcomes feelings of déjà vu, seen on the screen sometimes overlaps with the already visible thrillers similar topics, but must pay tribute to the writers, they were able to avoid one hundred percent compiling and saved up for the plot a couple of previously unused corners. Cinema itself, despite its very modest by Hollywood standards, the 30 millionth budget filmed without a hint of cheapness, and the lack of space and action, and chases, and explosions, and a second time, after excellent "hostage", demonstrated by a realistic style Neeson hand combat. Again filmed so that you believe is happening, not at the expense of entertainment. However, comparing with the same "hostage", I note that some raisin film is still lacking, and getting full pleasure from his view, to return to it later in person, I shall hardly.

Summing up - fans of the genre should not miss.
Frankly, learned of the withdrawal of the film is literally three weeks before the premiere in our country. And, oddly enough, he immediately became interested in me. For this was, as always, for several reasons. The first of these was the fact that the main role played by one, in my opinion, the best actors of our time. Secondly, it seemed an exciting plot of "unknown". Despite the fact that this topic had already been beaten in films and more than once, I thought that you should get combat movie ... So, come February 17, 2011, and I rushed to the cinema, but suddenly I had urgent business, of of which going to the movies had to be transferred to any other day. And only 23 of February I was able to still go to the "unknown". Let's see, was it worth so eager to see this picture.


First, I appreciated the level of work done by actors. Major role in this movie film played Liam Neeson, who is familiar with the genre "thriller", as played in the film "Hostage". In fact, much of his character hardly tell, but we can say with confidence that with the goal to put before him, he coped well. His main co-worker was Diane Kruger. In my opinion, she looked no worse than its more masterovitogo colleagues. In general, we can safely say that with her work, she also coped well. That's who I was not pleased at all, so it Dzhenyueri Jones. Frankly, no other effect from it and I did not expect. Yet it is unknown wide audience, and, unfortunately, it is unlikely she will become. Still want to say a few complimentary words about Freenke Langella. Let it appeared on the screen is not often, but this actor has left a significant imprint on the overall work. In general, the overall acting work can be evaluated on mark "excellent".

The second criterion of my review, which I will evaluate the "Unknown" will be directing the picture. This honorary chair took Jaume Serra, who shot to this "Child of Darkness" and the latest version of the "House of Wax." Frankly, I expected chego0to much worse, because everyone is saying that the level of the director's work in his previous picture leaves much to be desired. I do not know why (whether criticism to him very sternly apply, whether the man in the "Unknown" has come true progress), but the Spaniards to nothing much to find fault. Excellent editing, clearly built a sequence of actions is not stupid dialogues are only in the dignity of the picture. At times I even admired the work of the camera, then it was only moments. In short, the work of director deserves points not less than "excellent."

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Now I'm alone tell you about the facts that make this movie a rebel. At first I thought that we get some pretty dismal, but a good thriller. In fact, the opposite happened. In the first thirty minutes into the film really, nothing happens. But in the rest of the film, we regularly see some action. Then some kind of fight, then some kind of chase, what a blast. And so on until the end of the movie. In general, "Unknown" pulls you what is happening on the screen. If you'll watch this movie, it would hardly come off from it for at least five minutes.

So what we have in the end? We got a great thriller, in which there are entangled plot, and the embodiment of his good in life. If so sue, it should look at all the fans of Liam Neeson. Believe me, when he starred in a pair of low-quality products (as critics say about "Clash of the Titans", which I'm pretty good), then that is no reason to put on the actor cross. The fact that Liam is still good, you can see after viewing this picture. Also wish to view the film to all fans of fighters or a thriller on the subject.
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