2011 Toyota Prius Features and Specifications

Toyota Prius hybrid car is one of the latest eco friendly cars in the market. It is produced by Japan’s auto major Toyota, which are available in two variants basically, Toyota Prius Z3 and Toyota Prius Z4.
Feb. 25, 2011 - PRLog -- With the constant rise in fuel prices, hybrid cars are looking like a much more feasible choice. Hybrid cars basically use both petrol and an electric motor to run. Hence, in the wide range of hybrid cars, Toyota Prius is the world's first standard-production hybrid-electric car. The Prius is meant to be a fully working alternative for a family or fleet vehicle. It is an example of smart usage of technology without any downsizing, so it is a complete family car. In this car you will not face problems like pitiful acceleration, trembling and rattling, or crampy seatings.
Toyota Prius hybrid is the most sold sedan across the globe. It is available in two variants that are Prius Z3 and Prius Z4 with a price tag of approx. 26.5 to 27.5 lacs respectively. Some of its amazing features include a crash safe body to minimize the effect of any accident. Other Toyota Prius specifications include the interiors and exteriors of Toyota Prius Hybrid which are of extremely superior quality.
The interiors are beautifully designed with multipurpose steering wheels, high quality stereo system with 8 speakers, for which the controls can be managed from the steering wheel. Toyota Prius is also equipped with an air filter which helps you breathe clean air inside your car. It is also featured with a user friendly multi display, where the driver is able to access speed and climate information also. The car is exceptionally spacious and a pleasure to drive as the driver has got enough headroom and legroom. It is the only hybrid car with lowest emission but the fastest acceleration.  

Basically, it has three driving modes that involve power, eco and electric mode. Toyota Prius is motorized with a 1.8 ltr engine and a 650 electric motor along with 1798cc displacement. It is loaded with 4 cylinders, accelerating maximum power of 73 kw at 5200 rpm and a torque of 142hp at 4000rpm. Both the engines have a combined power output of 100kw. The electric motor solely generates a power of 60kw at torque of 207hp. The fuel efficiency jumps to 35 percent when the driver turns on the combined driving mode. In this new sedan, the engine can be tuned off automatically when you stop in traffic.  

In case, Toyota plans to come up with the 4th version of the Toyota Prius hybrid, it will be the fastest car ever on road. The car has already received world acclaim and is called the most successful hybrid in the world. For more of such updates stay parked on http://www.allhybridcars.com/

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