"21 Days with the Mistress of King Midas", a rags to riches story of the woman loved by King Midas

LADIES REJOICE - MEN TAKE HEED! as you discover absolutely staggering insights into the life of a woman who excelled against all odds, with wealth and honor, and who made King Midas the King he was!
Feb. 17, 2011 - PRLog -- Love and Bliss will find it's way into your heart and soul as you follow along the path of ancient wisdom and lighthearted fun, leaping for joy for the Mistress, who comes to the rescue of a fallen King. In the latest book by Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, "21 Days with the Mistress of King Midas" weaves the story of how a common prostitute shares her modest abode and heart with a stranger whom she recognizes as great, but who has lost his way and his kingdom, and how she transforms him for his return to victory, strength and valor in the 21 days alloted her.

Starting with Day 1, the Mistress goes to work to encourage, stabilize and nourish the stranger with words and deeds of truth. When all is said and done, the King returns to his kingdom stronger, wiser and valiant, to command the respect  due a King - with the Mistress!

Working with a vivid imagination and the love for "women of mystery" Dr. Coppertino states that she wanted to bring due justice to the personality of women who are unsung heroines, and to showcase the fact that people from all walks of life can be used to come to the aid of another, with kindness and helpfulness. The Mistress character, according to Dr. Coppertino, sought a way to re-develop and re-tool a man who came from a different walk and status in life, but who in fact shared three common traits all possess: A need for caring and sharing, shelter from the storms of life and help to attain triumph over seeming unsurmountable odds! Dr. Coppertino says "no one is immune from the trials and pitfalls in life" and that biblically speaking, two are better than one, in all cases and under all circumstances.

The books chapter by chapter content sheds light on many topics of interest to guide the modern day seeker to relationship fulfillment and an understanding of the needs of self, before happiness and success in life can be achieved. The chapters also show that mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life must be honored and respected if any success is to be gained and maintained and that reckless living can only lead to dissatisfaction and a sad end.

Once opened, chapters such as ..."Sex with a King"..."Enemies of a King"..."Strengthening the Health of a King"...Women in the Life of a King" provide advice, tried and tested, prove that no matter what station in life one has attained to, life's dangerous curves and winding roads can by conquered and victory won by following the books wonderful insights.

Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Ph.D, is called the Renaissance woman of the Century, who understands the needs and desires of the common men and women who seek to rise above mediocrity and live up to their full potential. She is currently the Clinical Director of The Community Healthcare Services Foundation in Los Angeles; and the Director of several social, civic and health care institutions. A lover of the arts, Dr. Coppertino is also an accomplished Dramatic Soprano who speaks 5 languages, and the Author of the upcoming books, "The Face and Personality of Cancer, Who He is, What He is and Why He cannot be Killed" and "The Anatomy of a Gravedigger", which reveals the true identity of those around you and who secretly work to destroy you, your work and your life. Dr. Coppertino resides in Palos Verdes Estates, California with her Pet Koi, "Cubbie".

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LADIES REJOICE...MEN TAKE HEED! as you discover absolutely staggering insights into the life of a woman who excelled against all odds, with wealth and honor, and who made King Midas the King he was, in the book, "21 DAYS WITH THE MISTRESS OF KING MIDAS".

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