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Physics has been the domain of highly qualified intellectuals--until now. With The Scientific Papers bringing the complex ideas of physics in an understandable language for the layman physics will become one with society, fulfilling an age old dream.
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Feb. 17, 2011 - PRLog -- It is said that all scientists unanimously feel the need to let the common man know what is happening in their world. This is perhaps because the common man has other things he would rather lead his life with, or more probably because he fails to fully understand the complicated mathematical expressions that physicists seem to read very comfortably like any other language. So the strong need arises for an able interpreter who delivers to people their rights: to know what is happening in today's world of physics; to stay at par with the scientific world. And to fully understand the fastest developing subject on Earth is no joke. It requires the assistance of somebody who is ready to dedicate themselves for the cause: and that is why The Scientific Papers came into existence.
The Scientific Papers aims at bringing contemporary physics--and occasionally classical ideas--to the layman on a silver platter. The seemingly strange, complex and difficult ideas are made riveting, interesting, and most importantly, simple. It is physics sans equations. So this coupled with captivating pictures that further speak a thousand words and explain the latest ideas forms the perfect recipe for a language to express scientific thoughts with. And The Scientific Papers exploits this to the fullest, giving the layman an opportunity to see our wavy, stringy, but nonetheless remarkable, universe just like any physicist would!
The Scientific Papers also allows the interested public to publish articles on its platform after a thorough, tight, selection and review process. Ultimately, it aims to give the layman the perfect information, accurate news expressed acutely and in such a manner as will draw him back repeatedly and help achieve the final aim of The Scientific Papers--to popularise physics and bring it down to the street level.
The Scientific Papers, from its home at administered by an aspirant physicist and backed by numerous specialists in related fields runs an untiring race in putting physics retrievably on everybody's tongue. It strives to make physics everybody's cup of tea.
With all this, there can be no doubt left as to where people will look to to understand the scientific ideas of today. Fulfilling a dream as old as time itself--to make science one with society--The Scientific Papers is the new home to Contemporary physics.

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The Scientific Papers is a website dedicated to bringing contemporary physics to the layman to see the world like a physicist would--minus the equations--with quality articles and innovative descriptions!
The Scientific Papers. Making physics everybody's cup of tea!

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