New Campaign to Retire The Word Ugly

Author/Speaker NaTisha Renee calls for the word "Ugly" to be retired. Renee who uses her voice to help women with their self-esteem and self-love struggles says the label can leaves a definite stain on the spirit.
By: Lyf Ministries and NaTisha Renee
April 25, 2011 - PRLog -- Miami, Florida 4/25/11  

The word "ugly" when used to describe a person's appearance leaves a stain on the spirit that can take a lifetime to erase even with conscious, diligent work.  In an age where bullying has become a constant topic of concern this campaign is calling for the community to look at the non physical but emotional side of this growing epidemic.  The author believes that all bullying begins with verbal abuse and doesn't always result in violence and would like to bring attention to what she feels is an ongoing promotion of low self-esteem.  Renee says, "We've got to look at the emotional pain and distress that bullying leaves behind.  Not to mention, most bullies prey on kids who are already dealing with low self-esteem, rejection, and a negative self-image.  The word ugly makes those feelings definitive and hard to rid even as one grows and matures.  It dictates the kinds of friendships, relationships, and affiliations a young person will make and attract.  This is because a person who identifies with the word ugly would give anything to feel accepted, seen, or desired."  

The author also believes that this issue goes beyond our youth. Renee says, "It's up to the elders of this community to send the signal to our youth that this kind of teasing is unacceptable by deciding to "use words responsibly."  We as adult know the power of words and have the ultimate power of influence over our children through our actions.

On Feb 15, 2011 NaTisha Renee began collecting signatures to support her campaign.  Anyone who would like to support this effort can go to or

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