Carlos Bello and The Super Model Project.

Find out who Carlos Bello is and what does he have to say about TheSuperModel Project? Here you will find out who is the model who auditioned for the OMG Talent’s TheSuperModelProject and more information on him.
By: Carlos Bello
Feb. 8, 2011 - PRLog -- Who is Carlos Bello and what does he have to say about TheSuperModelProject?  Before I begin to tell you about OMG Talent’s TheSuperModelProject; let me take you back when I first wanted to model at the age of 14. I ran into a lot of scams; for example, John Casablanca and many others. My mother was not willing to pay for my pictures or acting classes. I put my dream on the back burner. It wasn’t until recently I started looking into modeling again. It started when I replied to an ad on craigslist. The ad was looking for models for a local magazine in Safety harbor. I didn’t’ realize you needed a portfolio, comp cards to get started. Since I didn’t’ have any of that I could not go to the castings. The model placement center offered to take pictures and acting lessons for around 400 dollars. I sold my lap top in order to afford my pictures taken. I was never able to get money for my portfolio or comp cards so I could not move forward.  I auditioned for a local runway show, the sweet surrender fashion show, at AJA channel side with Boss magazine. However; I was not casted for the show.

One day when I was on facebook I saw an ad for TheSuperModelProject. I submitted my pictures and to my surprise they called me the next day. I could not be more delighted to be so close to realizing a dream of mine that has been on the back burner for so long.
I was interviewed by OMG Talent to compete in the TheSuperModelProject. I was very excited and nervous at the same time. As I think back during my interview I felt comfortable and welcomed. They didn’t’ ask me for any money upfront. That is rare, I knew then this was a great opportunity. I had the interview in Orlando, which I drove from Tampa. I was in a boardroom with other models where I watched a promo for TheSuperModelProject. I felt like a kid taken into a candy store.OMG Talent interviewed models that were good looking and had pleasant personalities. I just have to wait and see to find out casting updates. I have had butterflies in my stomach ever since my interview with OMG talent. Suspense is killing me and I can’t wait. Everyone wants to be a part of something great! OMG has given me the chance to do that. Thank you OMG talent! If you were to ask me why I want this so bad? Well, the motivation and drive that I have comes from people telling me I can’t have something or it’s impossible to achieve. The rejection makes me want to succeed even more.  Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. There is always going to be someone who tells you to give up. People who won’t’ support your dream. At the end of the day it will only teach you determination. You will develop a tougher skin through rejection and your success will be determined by how bad you want it and how much you are willing to work for it. You need a tuff skin in the entertainment industry because so many times you are rejected. You have to remember not to take it personal. Pursue your dream regardless. There are many obstacles that do come your way. That is why it’s not easy realizing your dream but never give up. After all what is life without a dream to chase?  What OMG Talent has to offer is amazing and the winning prizes are to die for! 100 models will compete in TheSuperModelProject. OMG Talent will chronicle the rise of one supermodel from being a nameless model to becoming a luminary celeb.OMG Talent will launch their facebook application where models can upload videos, pictures, status updates. There will be a section for castings and booking request. The winner is determined by different factors. The number of fans you can attract, public appearances, and bookings for castings. The goal is to draw in one million fans. If I get casted; I know I’d take strong pictures and have the determination to win. Then you can look for me in upcoming projects. But is a strong will and look enough to get casted for this competition?  Stay tuned as OMG Talent announces their final 100 models to compete in TheSuperModelProject coming soon. Where one lucky winner will be featured in a superbowl add, win 10,000 dollars, and be able to promote a modeling and acting career. Sounds exciting right? Many people give up on their dream. I don’t’ know what your dream is but I know mine.

What models inspire me? I really like Sean O’pry’s work. Edilson Nascimento also takes great pictures. He’s slim and muscular. I like how effortlessly he takes awesome pictures. I envy both of these men’s looks, but in a good way. What kind of modeling work would I do? You won’t’ have to twist my arm if I get offered to do runways, print work, editorials, or commercials. I would take all of the above. Do I really think I can draw a fan base of one million? Yes, I already have a master plan. I can’t share it; it’s my secret weapon. What do I like about modeling? It’s glamorous and it makes me feel good. Is there something I don’t like about the competition? Yes! Only one can win. This competition is like dangling the carrot in front of a rabbit; 100 rabbits to be exact (I’m referring to the 100 models to compete in TheSuperModelProject) what would I do with all that fame? What else but take over the world and give back somehow. I guess this makes me fame hungry. Who do I think is my competition? That is yet to be determined. I don’t think a strong look means as much as being able to garner the affection of many people. Whoever proves to establish the fiercest presence online will be the winner. Seriously, though I think all models going into this competition should think that their own competition is themselves. They have to do better than what they did yesterday. Having a mentality like that will make you want to do your best and be the victor. I really don’t know what the other models are like or how bad they want to win. What do I think will be the hardest part about the competition? The diet and workout routine I am going to begin. Diets and working out take a lot of discipline. This competition will be like a teenage dream; thank you Katy Perry.

Want to know more about me? Well, I was actually in the army. Believe or not, I was coming from Bamberg Germany to Tampa, FL in 9/11. The planes started to crash into the pentagon, the Twin Towers, and other places. I remember hearing about it on the plane. I thought it too weird, too much of coincidence planes started to crash in bizarre places. I had no idea what it meant. The one thought that came to my mind, “Is my plane next to crash?” My flight ended detouring to Canada where I spent a whole week. My mother was ready to plan my funeral because she didn’t’ hear from me that day. I have to say that was the most terrifying day of my life.
What do I like to watch on T.V? There is really nothing good on T.V. I do watch the bad girls club. I feel bad about watching that. After I’ve watched an episode I want to break something too.
What is my favorite food? Protein shakes
What are my hobbies? Listen, I am not a nature person. I don’t like the outdoors much. So don’t’ expect me to go hiking, camping or sing to the animals. I do all my working out at the gym; where I have been known to do an hour of cardio. Still want to know more about me? Copy and paste the links below into your browser. It will take you my  taped interview for TheSuperModelProject and to my facebook page and to my promo.!/pages/Carlos-Bello/1749450758
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