EGYPTIAN Gold At WAR! - Conundrum Of Monetary Power Over AIDS!

The world has a high ass! Snake-oil war is a sandwich with the Western sausage caught between the two royal halves of Egyptian bun! Toxic foreign Jihad-restaurants in your cities and anti US-dollar conversion revs in Cairo! - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Feb. 6, 2011 - PRLog -- Egyptian Marrakh demonstration riots shake Egypt's capital! A lazy US-vassal President MUBARAK, falls weak to pugilist Armageddon! The fibbing medical elite and all their US-doctors and banking-pundits are chased out of the country and back against the crumbling prayer wall on Wall Street! The oldest currency should be on equal exchange rate with the British pound!

By starting toxic jihad-restaurant terrorism in 2004 with the use of liquid glass-silicon against Western tourists, Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann exposed the shocking fact that just a few drops of liquid SILICON-OIL or a spoon-full of Vaseline petroleum-jelly or tasteless candle-wax in restaurant food, causes fake HIV-diagnoses! This medical fact defrocked Western virology science and ignited Egyptian revolt, as the Marrakh Egyptian revolution headed out of Spain! It was just a matter of a few years, before ricochet echoed from home. Muslims still wear shrouds.

Exposing the jolting monetary political fact that molten amalgamated glass with brass is ancient Egyptian GOLD, Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann caused multiple traffic accidents in London in 2004, when he blatantly paraded vulgar amounts of exorbitant nuclear Pharaonic GOLD all over his body, and was featured in the British fashion magazine BB&H for prowling the paves like a pink tom-cat! His artful boasts caught the English Queen's goat, as she waazzz the minted head of the Anglican Church and the British pound-sterling. By Stunny's return to France, he was arrested by the French Interpol without a trial and jailed in GERMANY. Under German state-authorised custody, his exorbitantly gold-spangled hair was shredded off his head with an electric pliers! He was beaten and injected with toxic silicon. German authorities behaved like a crack pack of jealous Jews who were fighting a Pharaoh like true Nazis! - After all, AIDS was a holy nuclear shrine of Western anthropology! Arabs refused to accept AIDS as real.

Infamous to Europeans, his exorbitant Marrakh-Egyptian quaff of gold-spangled Ras'Tha-Pharo dreadlocks which had awed London streets in 2004, continued to become a racist issue, even long after he had been jailed in Germany. GERMANY refuses him any legal justice! Blacks call Stunny fondly “The ass that had the brass of class!” (!) Stunny Pharouk is loved for his razor sharp tongue and stylish ragga'tanne beauty! ...a queer kinda Black revolutionary.

This breathtaking public Egyptian showdown in English and German streets, riveted the intense cultural shock about what the brass a glaze really is if called rustfree “GOLD!”. This mental math shook modern Egyptian belief in the US-conversion rate and its Jewish Wall Street prayer machine.

The hideous double-plot of sandwiching European mental perception between the turmoil of rock-toxic ristos and raging riot revs becomes most important, when you realise that the medical symbol of the EGYPTIAN serpent coiled around the cane stalk, graces every hospital wall. The horrible alarm that a matching ancient Egyptian COBRA-ANTIVIRAL SNAKE ANTIDOTE made of African tannics of sugar-cane molasses cures CANCER, HIV-AIDS and DIABETES overnight, makes everyone doubt Western science brags that have been insulting to the upright walking mind! We are free of Charles Darwin!

The added loonacy that after looting Pharaonic tombs and grave-sites, European pharmacies actually sold mummie-powder until 1928 for oral human consumption as a cure-all, and yet proclaimed themselves rightful cannibals of their forefathers bones, is a cultural insult! If the Arabian government in Egypt demands European museums and banks to hand back stolen Egyptian gold spoil and artefacts, while Egyptian nationals are refused old-age pensions and unemployment-benefits, you realize that by this Muslim farce, Arab women shed their religious shrouds and toss tits like Black African apes that were born with a brain and invented disco! - Muslims wanna rock, too!

The Muslim Egyptian government was a US vassal wimp entertaining warped colonial ideals of industrial slavery enforced by barbarous Western threats of atomic bombs. The only weapon a poor people have against a hail of US war missiles, is to have silent jihad restaurants in every village and holiday destination known to the West. They exist in India, China, Brasil and the surviving rasta-island of Jamaica! - “We outnumber you!”, - that was Dr. Stunny Pharouk's simple Marrakh Zoanean plan. He was born in Kingston Jamaica and spent childhood on “Treasure beach”!

The giant Egyptian obelisk stands like a rock before the “white” house in Washington and looks down upon the first skinny Black man in the oval office. It's because, not even US-President Barack Obama can save the racist US-dollar or it's Euro sister last ditch, if the world's workforce refuses to accept the cruelty of medical lies and the morbid mastery of media madness in high places. What's a pyramid's cap-stone worth, without a massive unified world foundation?! Your Hollywood pie in the sky doesn't work. - We've got better things to do! Nobody can escape OUIJA witchcraft!

For more big black bottom and stunning guns, check, and watch out how you spread that arse!


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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses COBRA ANTIDOTE. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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