A Simple Trading Strategy Disclosed FREE That Turned $1K Into $1.3M With 3 Easy Trades!

I found it to be a real eye-opener as he explains a trading strategy that turned $1,000 into $1.3 million in 3 easy trades.
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Jan. 31, 2011 - PRLog -- Bill Poulos: Where to Get Rich in 2011: How to play QE II, the Currency Wars, the Great American Bond Bubble and More. That's the title of John Thomas' latest presentation that you can see. After watching it, I jotted down a few highlights that I think you should really pay attention to:

•   The Specific Inverse ETF that's sitting at $35 right now, but the market is most likely going to send it through the roof to $200 in the next year...
•   The hottest currency trades barreling down on us right now, including the specific currency ETFs you can trade right from your IRA or 401(k)...
•   The select sectors of U.S. stocks you should think about trading in the next 12 months, including the specific stock symbols...
•   Commodities: Thomas tells you what's really on the horizon, and why you should ignore any "guru" telling you to run in and buy right now...
•   The latest update on precious metals... all this I found to be must-have information.

Best of all this John Thomas presentation is 100% free and 100% content. If you watched his first two presentations, then you know he loads you up with practical, usable and actionable information.


John Thomas, the Mad Hedge Fund Trader, who's practically batting a thousand with his trades this year (48 winners out of 49 in just a few short months), is issuing his #1 trade to make right now. If you want to get it, step one is to go and watch the entire video. I found it to be a real eye-opener as he explains a trading strategy that turned $1,000 into $1.3 million in 3 easy trades.


If that sounds impossible, then you should watch the video to see how one very well known hedge fund used it to turn every $100,000 invested into $420,000,000. The proof is right there. Big trades aside, what I love about his presentation is it's more about what it really takes to be a world class trader. I'm pretty sure that some of what he says is going to offend some traders, and more than a few gurus, because he lays out some cold, hard truths about what you need to do if you want to make money in every kind of market. I highly suggest you watch it right now. I seriously believe that this video will have an immediate and positive impact on your trading and your profits.


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Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies!

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