A Red Meat With Lower Fat, Calories & Cholesterol Than Skinless Chicken, More Protein Than Salmon.

Skinless chicken breast has always been the benchmark for “healthy protein” and is clearly an important part of a balanced low fat diet. However, people wanting a red meat alternative should try farm raised venison.
Jan. 28, 2011 - PRLog -- Farm raised venison has lower fat and cholesterol with fewer calories than skinless chicken or  salmon,  more protein than beef or lamb. And, the new farmed venison is tender and mild-flavored – the complete opposite of wild venison.  

Four ounces of venison supplies 68.5% of the daily value for protein for only 150 calories and .9 grams of saturated fat. Venison is a good source of iron, providing 28.2% of the daily value for iron in that same four-ounce serving. Particularly for women, who are more at risk for iron deficiency,  venison provides well-absorbed iron for less calories and fat.

Venison is also a very good source of vitamin B12, providing 60.0% of the daily value for this important vitamin, as well as good or very good amounts of several other of the B vitamins, including riboflavin (40.0% of riboflavin's daily value), niacin (38.0% of niacin's DV) and vitamin B6 (21.5% of the DV for B6). It is also packed with iron and zinc.

New Zealand produces the finest farm raised venison, naturally grown and free of additives. New Zealand venison is available in high-end supermarkets and is featured on the menus of many US restaurants.  The highest quality New Zealand venison is marketed under the brand name Cervena.  

Celebrity chef Brad Farmerie of New York’s PUBLIC restaurant features venison on his menu in a variety of preparations.    “Cervena venison is the best in the world because it is raised naturally on lush pastures, free of hormones and steroids.  As a result, it has a mild and delicious flavor and is so tender you can almost cut it with a fork,” he says.  “It is also very versatile – I grind it into burgers, grill the steaks, add it to soups, and even slice it paper thin for carpaccio.  Cervena venison’s mellow flavor makes it an excellent companion to the array of seasonings and sauces we use at the restaurant, and it allows the meat to work beautifully on its own, enhanced with just a sprinkling of salt and pepper.  This versatility makes it a natural choice for any health-minded cook, from beginner to gourmet level.”

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From the fresh, open farmlands of New Zealand comes a meat so tender, so delicious, that we gave it its own name. It's called Cervena® natural tender venison.

Find out more about this delicious and heathy product at www.cervena.com

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