More 33rd Degree Secrets Published to Help End Wars and Widespread Injustice

Seven Star Hand, the author of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, reveals more insights into Freemasonry's 33rd Degree and why the Vatican has long feared what it proves.
By: Seven Star Hand
Jan. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- The previous press release,, explained how the number 33 is derived from the merger of the ancient zodiac, Hebrew calendar, and 360-year cycles encoded throughout various prophecies.

Another number important to Freemasons and others is 13. Many associate 13 with bad luck, in large part because of the Friday the 13th failed attempt by the King of France and Pope to wipe out the Knights Templar in 1307. The most important and earliest known use is within the ancient Egyptian symbolic parable of Isis and Osiris.

This story symbolically encodes profound wisdom that has been the focus of mystery schools for millennia, which is why it is important within Freemasonry and other esoteric endeavors. What the symbolism of this Egyptian parable encodes is one of the reasons for the founding of the USA with 13 states. It symbolizes an important aspect of why there are 13 stars above the eagle's head, as well as thirteen levels to the unfinished pyramid on the other side of the Great Seal. As mentioned in the previous release, one of the details encoded by the 13 stars is that the 33rd Degree will protect Seven Star Hand, among other enlightening details. The link between the number 13 and 33 has escaped most people though.

As already described, the point on the ancient zodiac where the 16th and 17th cycles meet has been encoded as 33 degrees. 13 is also the remainder of 33 minus 20, so subtracting 10 from both 16 and 17 (dropping the 1) leaves 6 and 7, which sum to 13. This is important because the 11th to 17th 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar are symbolized as seven stars within the Book of Revelation. By simply dropping the 1, they become the 1st through 7th cycles and stars. The 16th 360-year cycle becomes the 6th and is symbolized by the 6th star, and the 17th cycle is accordingly symbolized by the 7th star. Adding 6+7 gives us 13 stars and another level of meaning for the 13 stars shown on the Great Seal of the USA.

Thereby, both 13 and 33 encode the point on the ancient zodiac where the 16th and 17th cycles on the Hebrew calendar meet to mark the start of a new 360-year cycle and the new age of Aquarius. They are symbolized by the 6th and 7th star, angel, and seal within the Book of Revelation, hence the groups of 6 and 7 stars above the eagles head and the symbolism of Seven Star Hand. The USA was founded and the Great Seal created during the 16th cycle, hence the 6th star. The time encoded by the Great Seal of the USA is the same as that symbolized by the 7th star, angel, and seal within the Book of Revelation. They all symbolize the 17th 360-year cycle that began in September 2000 just before the new millennium on the Christian Calendar.

The reason Christian Rome and the Vatican have long feared the truth about star symbology is because it provides proof of the meaning of pivotal symbolism within the Book of Revelation and elsewhere. This then proves Christian Rome has always knowingly lied about pivotal religious and historical assertions throughout the New Testament. Throughout its history, Christian Rome and now the Vatican has been obsessively focused on preventing people from understanding the truth about the symbology found throughout the Hebrew texts, New Testament, and other sources. Their bizarre behavior throughout previous centuries, the Inquisition, the long list of pogroms, and most recently towards the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient document discoveries redundantly demonstrates an extreme fear of ancient evidence.

That leads us to another 33rd degree insight that serves as yet more evidence that Rome has been caught red-handed lying about assertions throughout the New Testament. Many people are already aware that 33 was supposed to have been the age "Jesus" died on the cross. It is also one of the reasons why the Vatican fears the secrets held by Freemasonry and the 33rd degree. As already described, 33 encodes the start of the new age on the zodiac and Hebrew calendar. Besides encoding the start of the Age of Aquarius, it also encodes then end (death) of the Age of Pisces. Throughout most of the Age of Pisces (The Fish) Christianity has used the symbol of a fish, while trying to hide and deny that it had anything to do with the zodiac or stars. It should be obvious then, that it was no coincidence that Jesus, also symbolized by the fish (Pisces) was said to die at 33, hence at the start of the New Age, which ends the Age of Pisces the Fish.

This serves as further evidence that Rome stole prophecies and other symbolic documents from the "Essenes" and others massacred by the Roman army, which were then deceptively rewritten to become the New Testament. The founders of Roman Christianity were too arrogant to grasp that the prophets already knew what was going to happen, and patiently and expertly prepared for it. The stolen documents used to create the New Testament contained symbolic prophecies that were purposely designed to serve as part of the ancient sting operation against religion. Consequently, those who rewrote them  unknowingly encoded the prediction that Christianity (the fish) would cease to exist early in the 17th cycle, the same time encoded as the 33rd degree and by the number 13.

The underlying symbology and astro-theology are explored in Chapter 8 of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. It is important to note here that the Eagle on the Great Seal of the USA is the American Fish Eagle, which kills and eats fish in the wilderness, perfectly matching the symbolism of the death of the Age of Pisces. Even more interesting, this perfectly synchronizes with the prophecies of St. Malachy, which point to Pope Benedict as the final Pope, just before the Vatican ceases to exist.

You may read the book to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. Read the upcoming expanded article at the blog, It's Symbology Stupid, These additional details were not published in the book, because they were not ready to be revealed before now. provides links to download the free PDF e-Book version of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. The paperback version is available through the website, at, and other booksellers.

Can science and ancient wisdom work together to unlock the mysteries of the ancient past and prove the truth about all religions? Visit and prove it to yourself.

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The head in sand pose may temporarily hide danger from the ostrich, but the hungry lion has no misconceptions about the truly dire nature of that bird's predicament. The truth has escaped its cage, and gone on a rampage, seeking long overdue justice.
Source:Seven Star Hand
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