We are only one year design life battery said by Dell

The end of March 2007 early April me through the phone, the network purchased a Dell M1210 laptop, then see is that it is the first pre-installed vista laptop
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Jan. 22, 2011 - PRLog -- The end of March 2007 early April me through the phone, the network purchased a Dell

M1210 laptop, then see is that it is the first pre-installed vista laptop, of

course, because of my lack of understanding of the vista and Dell "deliberate" and

do not remind, naturally chose the standard 1G memory, the results can imagine,

simply can not run smoothly.

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A year passed quickly, arrived at 2008, began the use of laptop appeared, first in

the inexplicable after reinstalling XP startup and shutdown are very slow start to

the interpretation of Dell is the computer configuration is required by vista

configuration , so the problems in XP, normal. What was asked for almost 1 year

before the XP disc with a reload of not less than 3 times, but it will not start off

very slowly (even without response) phenomenon is still reloading. Dell replied that

that was the problem of pirated discs. Again and he said the purchase of genuine

disk, Dell simply say that this computer is not equipped with disk. Anyway, I am

shocked at the year of service not seen in any site service possible, all problems

are attributed to Dell is a software problem, not part of site service areas.
Site and the warranty period a year passed, and into June 2008, and Dell has nothing

to communicate between, and after all, people are big companies, there are always

ways to deal with us ordinary users. Late in June the results of the hardware

problems actually started, the laptop fan under the guidance of technical staff in

the Dell tests actually broken.

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Dell polite this time, only one conclusion, it is necessary to

buy a new fan (90), if necessary door, the door also need to add service fee (430

yuan). Combination of factors to consider, choose to buy only the fan replaced. Two

weeks later, fans sent the results of two knowledgeable friends (but not too laptop

disassembly) for almost one day replace the fan finally completed, can be found on

the Bluetooth drivers did not installed, the Dell technical staff guidance Our next

two patches? ? ? Strange, why not Bluetooth patch before loading it very really good

driver can, again, this time for the fans, but ah, not Bluetooth. Alas!
Early August 2008, the computer problems again, the battery even useless, no charge,

and is called an air Yeah. Called again to ask Dell technical support, telephone

guide people down the conclusions of a simple test: the battery needs replacing.
I wonder that, but I rarely use the battery Yeah, I also specifically in the home

and the company prepared a set of power lines, respectively, ah. Did not understand,

contact Dell technical support, who would think, the answer turned out to be: the

design of our laptop battery life is 1 year, with no 1 year will be scrapped! ! ! I

would, but I made a special optional 9-cell battery, although the target so far I

really do not know what's 9-pin and 6-cell differences.

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