Project Home 2011 succeeds January 1, 2011 with advances in physics

Research colleagues John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart complete 32-year researh project studying physics and succeed with matter acceleration operation on January 1, 2011 which proved out theories in physics.
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Enfield - Connecticut - US

Jan. 22, 2011 - PRLog -- New computer technology and advances in electrostatic levitation devices also achieved.

32-year long Investor funded scientific research project, Project Home 2011, managed by the Australian company Envirotech E.A. LTD succeeds with matter acceleration test on January 1, 2011.

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Project Home 2011 National scientific research program researched quantum physics in the area of magnetism and matter acceleration. John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart both age 44 in 2011 completed the work with an experiment envolving matter acceleration that  ended the project successfuly on January 1, 2011 in Connecticut. Further information on the project listed-

Project Home 2011

The project is called 'Project Home 2011' as the original plan was for the working relativity experiment the project develops to be ready to conduct in the year 2011. The entire scientific research Project Home 2011 began in 1979 and the project completes in 2011. The magnetic propulsion system that drives 'Project Home 2011 matter accelerator is an invention in itself. (Project Home 2011).
John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart were chosen by an Australian research company called 'Project Home 2011' to study in their think tank. The company funds the Project Home 2011 from 1979 to 2011. The objective of the project was to succeed with an experiment in relativity that would prove out the realities of the universe, however long that took to do it. Matthew Urquhart and John Obik graduated from high school via the colleges they attended as the colleges were linked to the town's High School systems. They both graduated college with honors in 2009. The 2 students were both 12 years old in 1979. They both began college in 2004 at ages 37 while simultaneously working in Project Home 2011 as an extra curricular activity. Project Home 2011 finishes on January 1, 2011.
John and Matt assembled the disc in the vacuum space-chamber. The disc in the vacuum ran on a cushion of magnetism, which emitted no material discharge that would burn up the disc. The vacuum had to be completely pure, and the students found the way using the very magnetism to propel the disc, to also attract material particles from the vacuum (Project Home 2011 magnetic propulsion method -A) (Project Home 2011).
While they developed the matter accelerator, there was still another component of Project Home 2011 that was on the drawing board that they had to figure out. When the day comes in 2011 (The night of the first day of 2011), that they do the big experiment that will end the project, studying the affect in relativity that was generated by the spinning disc, there needed to be some kind of a vehicle John and Matt ride in through the effect they generate with the disc acceleration. This was not as simple as it seems. The vehicle had to have a rate of acceleration down a track that was precise enough to calculate what point on the track it would pass over accurate within .001 inches, and accurate within one femptosecond. (Initial centrifugal accelerator started on December 31, 1984, and ended on January 1, 2011).
Self-sustained maglev is developed in Project Home 2011.
Project Home 2011 Vehicle Levitator Units.
Method of levitation for moving objects above the ground without friction of ground contact.
These research colleagues have developed a technology for this. Incorporated into the Project Home 2011 Vehicle are magnetic cells (8 each side/ 16 total) with the edges of the circular coils pointed downward on either side of the vehicle mid-body. The same principal applies. A cushion of self-sustained magnetized air is generated below the Project Home 2011 Vehicle and the vehicle hovers above the ground. This is not anti-gravity. The force of gravity is still there, but the force of repelling magnetism 'wedges' the Project Home 2011 Vehicle up (when activated). The magnetized air below the vehicle immediately tries to escape out from under the vehicle, but new ionized air is constantly self generated from the e.m.f. emitted from the vehicle's propulsion cells keeping a constant cushion of magnetic air maintained below the vehicle and the vehicle hovers. The height of the vehicle's hovering capability is proportionate to the scale of the cell. 3000 amperes per square area of conductive material. (Project Home 2011)

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Envirotech E.A. LTD
Queensland, Australia
Project Home 2011 (1979-2011) Laboratory located in Connecticut, USA

Investor funded research grant for 2 students from June, 1979 through December, 2010.
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