Estrogen is to Cancer what Fertilizer is to Wheat

Estrogen & HPV Stimulation – Did Merck Conduct the Studies for Gardasil?
Jan. 31, 2011 - PRLog -- It appears history has repeated itself many times since January 1970, when a Senate testimony hearing on the safety and efficacy of the first birth control pill was conducted after pressure from women’s groups who were concerned about the side effects of the high dose estrogen in the pills.  In 1970, women’s testimonies were disregarded. Concerned delegates were relegated to sit in the balcony during the hearing.

A Hearing without Women's Voices

In January 1970 experts assembled in the stately Senate chamber and began giving their testimony on the hazards of the Pill. Alice Wolfson, a member of the radical collective D.C. Women's Liberation, was sitting in the audience listening to the experts. Her group had come to the hearings because they had all taken the Pill at one time or another and experienced adverse side effects. The group was outraged that their doctors had never informed them of the risks when they prescribed the Pill. As they sat in the chamber and heard one male witness after another describe serious health risks, they were furious that there wasn't a single woman who had taken the Pill there to testify.

Outrage on Two Accounts

After hearing one expert say, "Estrogen is to cancer what fertilizer is to wheat," the women spectators could no longer contain their anger. They stood up and started hurling questions at the men on the dais. The feminists set the room abuzz when they demanded, "Why are you using women as guinea pigs?" and "Why are you letting the drug companies murder us for their profit and convenience?" When told by Senator Nelson to sit down and remain quiet, they retorted, "We are not going to sit quietly! We don't think the hearings are more important than our lives!" 1.

HRT – Risks Outweigh Benefits

Hormone replacement Therapy (HRT) was on the market over 30 years before the Women’s Health Initiative conducted an independent study. “Attitudes towards HRT changed in 2002 following the announcement by the Women's Health Initiative of the National Institutes of Health that those receiving the treatment (Prempro) in the main part of their study had a larger incidence of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes.  The WHI findings were reconfirmed in a larger national study done in the UK, known as The Million Women Study. As a result of these findings, the number of women taking hormone treatment dropped precipitously.” 2.

Now hundreds of lawsuits worth millions of dollars have been filed against pharmaceutical companies as a result of women getting breast cancer as a result of HRT.
Not long after, a line of lower dose extended cycle estrogen birth control pills flooded the market and were prescribed to adolescent girls for a multitude of ‘ailments’ other than the prevention of pregnancy. The jury is out on the long term effects of the extended OC’s, but some are beginning to question their causal relationship to cancer.

May 2006, Gardasil made its debut on the market. But, according to the FDA’s Cancer Liaison Program, they are unaware of any studies regarding ‘Gardasil, cancer, and HPV stimulation.’

During the last two months, results of two disconcerting studies have been released: The association of hormonal contraceptive use and HPV prevalence, International Journal of Cancer (IJC); and Estrogen May Play Role in Rising Rates of Head, Neck Cancer; Health Day News.

The IJC study reported that “Women diagnosed with cervical cancer report longer duration and more recent use of combined oral contraceptives (COCs). It is unclear whether COC use is associated with upstream events of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection prior to development of clinical disease.” The studies objective…“was to assess the association of contraceptive use on the risk for prevalent HPV infection in a cohort of long-term hormonal contraceptive (HC) users.”

The authors found: a demonstratable “association between the use of COCs for >6 years and prevalent HPV infection among 20- to 37-year-old women from Thailand after controlling for sexual behavior and cytological abnormalities. This finding is in agreement with other smaller cross-sectional studies conducted among college age women and women 20–29 years of age who report COC use for >4 years.” The summary concluded that “observed that long-term use of COCs of >6 years is associated with an increased risk of prevalent HPV infection in a cohort of HC and NHC users in Thailand.” 3.

For months news headlines reported on the association between HPV and head and neck cancers suggesting that Gardasil may be a preventive for these cancers as well. However, Health Day News reported that estrogen stimulation may indeed be behind the HPV stimulation for head and neck cancers.

“Rates of head and neck cancer are rising among some groups of people, including young women without any known risk factors. Now, a study suggests that estrogen may help the cancer spread by boosting the movement of precancerous cells in the mouth.” 4.

SANE Vax believes that these two studies warrant more examination. An independent study of the relationship between estrogen, HPV, cancer and Gardasil needs to be conducted immediately.  Over 382 reports of abnormal pap smears post-HPV vaccination –some including cervical cancer – have already been reported to VAERS.
Estrogen is to cancer what fertilizer is to wheat. We are now in a third and fourth generation of adolescent women whose mothers and grandmothers took oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen dominance in the form of mimickers from food, plastics and household solvents, and water sources is a growing concern.  

SANE Vax Inc. is not going to sit by quietly waiting for studies to be conducted on the safety and efficacy of Gardasil.  We will fight for science-based medicine until women and children are no longer used as guinea pigs for profiteering pharmaceutical companies.

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