FilmWorks Entertainment is on the Job with the DVD release of the Documentary “One Week Job”

“One Week Job” – One Man. 1 Year, 52 Jobs! FilmWorks Entertainment delivers a dose of inspiration to job hunters everywhere with the release of the documentary "One Week Job", on DVD February 22, 2011
Jan. 7, 2011 - PRLog -- After graduating from college, Sean Aiken struggled with the question "What should I do with my life?" His father said, "It doesn't matter what you do, just make sure it's something you're passionate about."

Taking his father's advice to heart, Sean created The One-Week Job Project. His goal: to work fifty-two jobs in fifty-two weeks in search of his passion.

He traveled across Canada and the United States, reinventing himself as a firefighter, a stock trader, a radio DJ, a martial arts instructor, an NHL mascot, a snowshoe guide, and more.

During the course of his seven-day stints, Sean discovered many others struggling to answer the question “what should I do with my life?” To find the answer, he continued to ask himself and his employers about the nature of success and the real meaning of happiness - all while having the adventure of his life.

This engaging documentary film chronicles Sean’s experiences with employers as well as his struggles with the realities of being away from family and a new girlfriend as well as the demands and pressures of making a living all while traveling across the US and Canada in search of his perfect job.

The One Week Job DVD will include the following special features:
•   Movie Trailer
•   Extended & Deleted Scenes
•   Audio Commentary
•   Soundtrack
•   Directors Screening Speech
•   Photo Gallery


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