Untangle Technology and Free Yourself From This Electromagnetic Beast of Burden!

Technology can be confusing. We aren’t living in the age of paper calendars, in-person meetings or rooms filled with filing cabinets. My Tech Trainers believes that technology was designed to be our friend and helper.
Jan. 4, 2011 - PRLog -- We aren’t living in the age of paper calendars, in-person meetings or rooms filled with filing cabinets. Nowadays in order to perform even the most simple tasks it seems you need a Masters Degree from MIT.  The focus at My Tech Trainers is to help you untangle the technology that has your life at a standstill.  

They cover topics including, Productivity, Mobile Devices, Website Design, PC, Mac, Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, Microsoft Access, Excel, and Google Products.  Within each of these topics you will receive real world application and material that is geared towards what is most relevant to you.

Their website design class has been extremely popular because of the practical knowledge and applications the students receive.  Within the courses you won’t just learn how to build a website, but you will learn how to apply that knowledge to your individual circumstance and make it work for you and your business, all from the convenience of your home or office!  Wouldn’t that be a change; technology working FOR us instead of AGAINST us!  

My Tech Trainers would never expect you to just buy a product without knowing what it is all about.  That is why they offer free classes as introductions to their full events.  Don’t know where to start with Photoshop?  Come to a free webinar and see all the amazing things it can do for you.  Their Adobe expert, Kathy, is very hands on and will show you how to *Morph Your Images Like a Magician*.  Sarita, “The Microsoft Guru” as she is nicknamed, will introduce you to Excel and Access at the most basic levels, showing you how it can work in your life.  Web Designer and resident Productivity expert, Jeff, can make you the envy of the office with how much you are getting done, and the great results your websites produce!

Whether you want the My Tech Trainers team to come to your business, or you want to take advantage of the online webinars, your technology savvy is going to skyrocket.  With experience in their respective industries totalling over 30 years, their trainers will turn you into a master of technology, no matter where your starting point is.  Classes are geared towards a wide range of capabilities, including beginners courses.  It is never too late to attack that electromagnetic beast of burden we call computer, and with My Tech Trainers it couldn’t be simpler.  

The truth is this: Technology was designed to help us.  It is supposed to make our lives EASIER!  Not HARDER! However, the reality is that it only becomes our helper when we know how to use it effectively.  Let us untangle technology for you.  Let us show you how to make technology your advocate instead of your foe by registering for a class today at http://mytechtrainers.com

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My Tech Trainers provides interactive and exciting technology training workshops that will change the way you work and live. We untangle the technology for you so you can spend you time on the more important things in your life.

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