The Coming Pain at the Pump

With some experts predicting $5.00 a gallon gas by 2012, biodiesel is looking like a strong alternative for those managing fleet vehicles.
Jan. 3, 2011 - PRLog -- According to recent remarks by John Hofmeister, an ex-president of Shell Oil, prices for regular gasoline could hit $5.00 a gallon by 2012. Tack another approximately 20 cents onto that—possibly more—if you’ll be needing any diesel fuel in another year. Growing demand, especially overseas, combined with decreased domestic production will drive the price increase, according to Hofmeister (see complete article here: (see

If you manage fleet vehicles for your city or county, what can you do?

While it’s true you can’t drill for oil yourself, you can do the next best thing. You can produce your own biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel is cheaper to produce than purchasing petroleum diesel at rack prices, it’s better for the environment and it can actually improve the performance and durability of your diesel engines.

Best of all, you can start producing your own biodiesel today.

DSI Biodiesel has a proven, turnkey system that enables cities, counties and municipalities to make top quality biodiesel from waste vegetable oil. In other words, your county or town can collect used cooking oil from local restaurants, businesses and residents, as well as any county-run facilities that produce waste vegetable oil, and turn it into biodiesel fuel for use in county vehicles.

The program is simple and can be easily run and maintained with as little as one full-time employee. Key elements include:

•   FOG Program
A community-wide program designed to remove Fats, Oils and Grease from drains and sewers is the first step. Not only does this help to ensure you get the raw materials you need to produce biodiesel, but it also can lead to a drastic decrease in sanitary and combined sewer overflows…and that means big savings.

•   DSI Biodiesel Plant
DSI offers a turnkey, computer-controlled system that allows you to produce as much biodiesel fuel as you need. The system is designed to convert waste vegetable oil into biodiesel that meets or exceeds the ASTM D 6751 standard. And DSI gives you all the equipment, consultative service and support you need to hit the ground running.

•   Full-Service Support
Getting a biodiesel program up and running doesn’t have to be difficult. DSI Biodiesel provides complete support to all of its customers, from initial consultation on site selection for the plant to training and maintenance support. Plus, rock-solid warranties and extended service plans are available.

Whether or not fuel prices hit $5.00 a gallon within a year, there’s one thing that’s certain. The cost of diesel fuel will continue to rise. And county governments will need to find creative ways to maintain services while keeping costs at a minimum.

The DSI Biodiesel Solution tackles these budget issues on two fronts. First, there’s the obvious reduction in fuel costs that comes with producing biodiesel from waste vegetable oil. Second, and perhaps even more significant, are the savings that can be realized by reducing costs related to sanitary and combined sewer overflows, including EPA fines.

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DSI Biodiesel offers a turnkey solution for converting waste vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel. Counties with Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs) are able to significantly reduce sewer overflows/costs, as well as fuel costs for fleet vehicles.

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