Happy New Year To One And All!

No matter how important January 1 is to you I hope and pray it gives you what you want. I hope and pray that January 1 is the opportunity you planned it to be. I hope and pray that January 1 brings you every dream that you deserve.
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Jan. 1, 2011 - PRLog -- Happy New Year

We once again mark the end of one year and begin a new one.  Over the course of time few things have remained as constant as the New Year celebration however that may manifest itself for you.  Whether you do a big shin dig or quietly celebrate at home, or for that matter find it a good night to go to bed early and sleep, so be it, it’s your day and you can do as you wish.  New Year is an interesting phenomenon is some ways.  It is really from a time stand point no different than any other two days on the calendar, right?   Noting magical happens and it is not even agreed on in every culture.  Some nations celebrate their New Year at different times of the year and in some traditions it is marked with great pomp and circumstance, not unsimilar to what many will personally experience this evening.  

New Year’s comes with some interesting traditions as well.  Resolutions are the most common and talked about.  Entire industries mark the New Year as a cash cow: the diet and nutrition industry and the health club industry are two examples.  In the world of government and finance today begins the process of turning from one page in history to the next.  

Many corporations end the fiscal year at midnight and government will reconvene and mark a new era in political leadership.  

Optimism runs rampant and hope springs eternal.  For many tomorrow is THE time to make our move; it is THE chance we were afraid to take on any other day and it sets in place the plan we considered, researched and decided on as the new design for our lives.  What an important day January 1 is.  I’m betting that June 19th is jealous.

But for some January 1 is a reminder of what hasn’t paned out.  It can be a reminder of goals set and goals failed.  It can be a torturous day for some because the wants and dreams of common men and women are never common at all.  What we want for ourselves and our families are critically important to us and when we fail to attain that set goal or reach a desired benchmark the New Year can be a pebble in our shoe we can’t find.  

I have an interesting advantage in my line of work both past and present as I have encountered thousands of people in my lifetime that I do stay in touch with one way or another.  I get to see how each of them as they interact with me this time of year start their updates with the words “this next year I hope to…”  So many of my conversations involve the words “come January we are going to start….”  January is really the place to be these days and since we are all there anyway we might as well make the best of it, but I wonder if we are putting too much pressure on January 1 or maybe if we spread out our wish list over the year we would be more successful. I mean if you are making changes in every area of your life including work and personal, isn’t that a lot of change on us all at once?  Would we or could we be more successful if we spaced this stuff out a bit more and avoid all the crowds that are sure to come along?

If you go to a Gym already you know that starting tomorrow or Sunday there will be an onslaught of new guests, I mean members, that will delay when the regular members get to use the equipment and the other services, but they also know that if they wait a few short weeks the crowds will dissipate and before too long they will have everything back to normal.  Maybe January is just too packed for it to be the best month to create such dynamic change.

I don’t personally invest too much in January1 except I enjoy all the football for two solid weeks and the best games always start on January 1, beyond that I don’t have resolutions.  I don’t have any major pre-planned events or changes to make, and I also don’t have the pressure all that puts on you.

I used to be entertained by all the hoopla and gung-ho plans that were made and the resulting disappointment that accompanied too many of them, but the effort should not be discounted and whatever gets some people even thinking in the right direction I am a fan of but I do wish people would stop putting so much pressure on themselves almost assuring failure, but I do want to encourage you to dream and dream big.

I dream all the time and in all ways I can.  I find myself on a hot and sweaty day as I’m edging the lawn dreaming of something I want to manifest.  When I am raking leaves or cutting the grass or maybe swimming in the pool of shoveling the snow, I do dream.  I dream about what I want and how to do it.  I always dream it works, not that it always does, but I do dream it and why not!  I want you to do this too and maybe enjoy this time annual time off as just that, time off.

The human mind is this really funky machine that no one really understands.  It seems to help the mind to hover over a certain day or time to complete some ritual and rally our inner get up and go.  Dates and traditions are what they are.  The mind seems to like that system but there is nothing to say we can’t reprogram the mind, right?  If it got used to one way it can easily get used to another.  Just a suggestion.

At any rate no matter how important January 1 is to you I hope and pray it gives you what you want.  I hope and pray that January 1 is the opportunity you planned it to be.  I hope and pray that January 1 brings you every dream that you deserve and it is fulfilled.  If not, well there’s always next year, right?

Happy New Year!!!

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