Madonna The Con-religious Viral Botox Queen Fights Cobra Antidote For AIDS-Virus!

The STUPIDEST BLOND reads religious books upside down in her own toilet! EGYPTIAN COBRA ANTIDOTE cures all viral poisons and AIDS within 24 hours. The BOTOX daughter of General Motors is exposed by the medical SERPENT OF AESCULAP! - By Sanga Sinouoa
By: Sanga Sinouoa
Dec. 31, 2010 - PRLog -- With a death-toll of 26 million AIDS-victims, it has taken so-called science 30 years to finally be reminded that the ancient medical sign of the SERPENT OF AESCULAP on every hospital refers to COBRA-ANTIDOTE which cures all viruses including AIDS within 24 hours. COBRA ANTIVENIN is as old as Pharaonic EGYPT and cures CANCER almost overnight! We are witnessing the most horrific Western accident of all time! ...Many heads will fall. Suddenly scientists claim not to have noticed the medical sign of the AESCULAP SERPENT on every medical institution and false drug they plug down our throats. COBRA-ANTIDOTE is the cheapest cure for the most ridiculous SEX-disease in history. People are now wondering, what sort of ugly sickness do doctors spend their entire idle time studying? - The answer is “money”!

The shame gets even worse. SNAKE-POISON ANTIDOTE is made at home in 20 minutes with household sugar imported from the poorest Black countries in Africa and the West Indies. It likewise cures CANCER and flabby skin within just weeks! Sugar-cane doesn't grow in the West. Responding to the Western AIDS insanity, toxic terrorist's liquid food-poison in Jihad-restaurants are on the rise against Western tourists with snooty currency values! INDIA's women are the most aggressive against high-nosed Western women in their restaurants! - Real men step aside.

“Western science is demented! The snake was in their own bosom! ” - says Dr. Stunny Pharouk-Starzmann, who had been arrested in 2004 by the French Interpol and put in a German prison for exposing the trade of US SILICON in medicine and making a simple snake-poison antidote for his ailing diabetic mother. A corrupt French doctor was making her ill and obese by giving her lethal medical INSULIN (raw silicon injections)!

COBRA-ANTITOXIN is not to be confused with lethal BOTOX toxins or medical CHEMO-therapy which run the gamut of toxic silicon poisons! MADONNA sells BOTOX as a commercial snake poison while protesting against the use of nuclear MERCURY in food, which is the same poison. BOTOX is made from coral-sand silicon and is MERCURY and causes severe poisoning of the face and proffers false HIV-diagnoses! It is 200 times stronger than any regular dentist cocaine, and causes embolic cancer, dementia, thinning hair, mental atrophy and mindless aggression in females using the gruesome substance for facially vacant beauty. It is the most hilariously classy Western embarrassment designed exclusively by our expressive non-Jewish GOD!

As the Jedi daughter of GENERAL MOTORS, MADONNA tested COBRA-ANTIDOTE against AIDS in the form of bitter Tannic Molasses formula given her as a “FREE” gift by Dr. PHAROUK-STARZMANN to help AIDS-orphans in Malawi, but she's caught making controversial money from the sale of BOTOX in the West. There was a conflict of political interests. Con-religious MADONNA is hamstrung in a distasteful ethical dilemma caused by pharmaceutical contracts with the American BOTOX-firm ALLERGAN, and therefore stupidly remains quiet about the shocking cure for HIV that she uses in secret! Madonna claims to suffer from chemical contraceptive poisoning. Yet, Madonna did advertise for the fashionable snake-poison sold by the firm alongside other promotion of toxic HIV-AIDS-medicines which were made by the same Japanese silk-manufacturers of all her blond wigs and those of BEYONCÉ KNOWLES; the Japanese silk-oil company KANEKA PHARMA from the USA!

Vomit this! - In remembering this modern medical war-crime, Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann reminds us that the most sinister medical aphrodisiac ever sold by medieval European doctors in Europe's dark ages was “MUMIA-POWDER” which was made from the “pulverised dry corpses of unwrapped EGYPTIAN MUMMIES” and was sold exorbitantly from 1189 AD to 1920 by pharmacists and doctors as a highly prized Arabian sex-remedy in most medical pharmacies until the dawn of the 20th century. The sale of it was controlled by the ecumenical priesthood of the Catholic church. It was used in high-class brothels in Paris and favoured among British aristocracy to cure Christian sex-diseases caught while eating “shrimp and swine!”. The dreadful powder was said to taste much like the flesh of equine herbivores or smoked ham, from which the term “eating ham” has received its highly racist epithet and the date of the 25th of “December” has come down from the Latin word DECAMBRE, which literally means to decapitate a KHEMITE or “Hamitic”  persons or hack a golden Christmas-tree, limb, or “HUMAN” and set the forests of Cleopatra's SAHARA afire! For X-mass Europeans will eat everything and leave nothing but wasteland behind them. To admit that “hot Christmas chocolate” came from burnt African “brown sugar”, was to say that topless naked Niggers in cane-fields were too sweet for them! - Therefore Arabian states don't accept HIV as a legal disease. They know why!

MADONNA has been suffering a spate of bad luck ever since the EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT has banned her entry into EGYPT in the same year of Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann's arrest in 2004 in France. MADONNA had been selling anti-Palestinian gazettes to curry-favour with traditional Jews in Israel, for the dipping popularity of her KABBALAH CENTRE, and caused political animosity and terrorist strikes to flare in the Gaza strip, sending thousands of homeless Palestinians to Egypt's borders for political asylum! EGYPT took them in and gave them sanitation and shut down on Madonna.

In her première music-video to her pop-song “American Life”, Madonna had shown herself openly pro-Oil-War and all for BUSH and kissed his niece BRITNEY SPEARS in public. Having initially taken up an intolerant homophobic Jewish religion and controversially sold the racially bias Tora for money, has made her fall from all gay designer's grace and loose more sex-fans than anyone could have foreseen! Blacks began to despise her. MADONNA admitted in the SUNDAY MORNING HERALD that she knew of BOTOX's cancerous side-effects prior to selling the liquid carcinogen. Yet, the grand rich daughter of General Motors has played the slick n' oily pharma-industrialite Wall Street diva and BOTOX Queen in a theatrical incest parade of dirty medical positions in radio pop-chart commercials by Sony Entertainment's neuroleptic contracts with Merrill Lynch's pharmaceutical prostitution of Art. So, with Dr. PHAROUK-STARZMANN's exposé of this greedy toxic harassment of the public, MADONNA was sent scratching her bloody nine inch nails up the Jewish prayer wall and back into Catholicism in mental dither over her lacking confessions as a political whore! - Madonna was intent on being America's eminent double-tongued fake-blond bitch and a Jewish pharmaceutical Pharisee, and profited like no other woman from the international sale of BOTOX and AIDS-preps, and has been audibly instrumental in causing HIV-diagnosis of millions of Western women. Her dull-witted religious hate for rich gays is legendary! BOTOX SILICON is de-constructing her career along doomed pharmaceutical AIDS-giants. Ancient Pharaonic COBRA-ANTIDOTE is reclaiming African GENIUS and against AIDS in Africa for “FREE!”. What should pop-music have to do with MURDER?!

The self-proclaimed “Material Girl” has been helping all filthy-rich hiding white Jewish homosexuals of warped world-bank smeared in engine-grease and anal sweat, with her vital big foot in all three of her gaping holes causing her orgiastic slippery ride over the sharp Black horns of Africa as she gags in a fall. Her catholic rapture is a self-delusional illiterate concoction of make-believe and coming to a decided bump, as 666 means 3 x SEX-SEX-SEX! - Male designers don't fuck women, anyway! They separate their profession from their sex-life, like everybody else. Insatiable women cause overpopulation, - just in case you didn't notice!

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AIDS-SCANDAL by Stunny Pharouk is the fastest cure for AIDS as RNA-overglutt such as ANTHRAX POISONING since 2004 with COBRA-ANTIDOTE and Tannine-Ascorbic Molasses. His global warning campaign saved millions worldwide with costfree detox info.
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