Buy iPhone 4 Copy with cheap price from China: Why Pay More?

Remember how the Chinese managed to make an identical clone of the iPad when it was released a few months back? Well in true Chinese clone fashion, they have done it again with the iPhone 4.
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Dec. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Remember how the Chinese managed to make an identical clone of the iPad when it was released a few months back? Well in true Chinese clone fashion, they have done it again with the iPhone 4.

As iPhone 4s were being shipped out yesterday, the assembly lines in a factory in Shenzen have already starting dishing out replica Apple iPhone 4s to hand out to the Chinese public that want it.

Named the ePhone 4GS, does it cut the mustered as an exact iPhone 4 clone? Well, not far from it. It would appear that sources have told us that the ePhone 3GS might be made of cheap plastic but even at close up you might not be able to see the difference between the genuine iPhone 4. It’s only when you hit the power button do you see the low resolution non retina display light up. However similar to the iPhone 4 it has a front and rear camera and comes packed with 16GB of memory.

What do you think of the iPhone 4 clone? Would you buy one or is the original iPhone 4 one of its kind which can’t be replicated? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

The Reasons Why You Should Buy The New iPhone 4

The new iPhone was unveiled on June 7th by Steve Jobs at the World Wide Developers Conference.(WWDC) A lot of us that follow the iPhone already got a sneak preview when Gizmodo showed off images of a lost/stolen iPhone weeks ago, but there was still plenty to see.

New Features

First and foremost the most impressive, the new Retina display. While Apple did not increase the size of the screen (currently 3.5") they did pack as many pixels in there as humanly possible. The result a stunning 326 ppi (pixels per inch) screen with so many pixels you can't see a single one. Text is smooth, images are crisp and all other phones you look at afterwards will look like crap. In addition to this Apple has doubled the resolution from 480X320 to 960X640.

Second another long sought after feature a LED flash. While many phones have had flashes for years it's nice to see Apple catch up by adding it this year. In addition to the flash they have upgraded the camera from 3mp to 5mp, again many other phones have done this already with some phones as high as 12mp but the quality on this camera dwarfs many that have higher mega pixels. The front facing camera is also a nice touch but the quality isn't as high with it being only a VGA camera.

Facetime is the new feature which will utilize the new front facing camera but almost no one will be able to use it. It only works on wi-fi and only for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 calls, although Apple says in the future it will work on 3G and be an open standard for all phones to adopt. My thoughts, don't hold your breath and while they may have cute commercials for it it's just not something I can imagine using as more than a way to show it off.

Another cool new feature is the built in three-axis gyroscope. This by itself isn't all that exciting but when added to the accelerometer, gps, and proximity sensors you have a device that can sense your every move and that will make for some very cool games, imagine your phone will now be as intuitive as a Wii remote.

Upgraded Features

Now the upgraded features are almost more impressive than the new ones, while they have packed all these cool new features in this new iPhone they have also managed to fit in a bigger battery that will last longer than anything Android has to offer. With all this you'd think the new iPhone is bigger, but guess again it is 24% thinner than the 3gs at just .37 inches thick!

Another cool upgraded feature is the video camera, the LED flash can be used in low light and it is capable of 720p (HD) video. And with the new iMovie app ($4.99) you can edit and upload video with ease. This new phone will make the need for owning a camera or video camera not so much of a priority unless your a professional photographer/videographer.


Now this is where they took a cool device and made it look sleek, sexy and futuristic. They ditched the curved back and went back to a flat surface. Now front and back they have coated the phone in a unique new glass which is 30 times harder than plastic, scratch and fingerprint resistant and comparable to sapphire crystal.(how cool is that!) Also they have developed a new blend of stainless steel along the edge of the phone that also houses the antenna. No more cheap plastic or aluminum parts, this phone is built to last.


While every iPhone has increased speed this year sees the biggest jump, with Apple's A4 processor (same as the iPad) they have increased the speed from 600mHz to 1gHz.  Also are you sick of your phone freezing up on games? (ex. Sim City) Well they've also doubled the amount of ram available from 256mb to 512mb to handle more complex tasks and prevent games from crashing.


I'm going to buy one, while a lot of cool new features (multi-tasking, springboard wallpapers, etc) will be included in the iOS4 software update the new iPhone itself contains enough new features to convince me (plus it looks really cool).  While I may not be waiting in line all night for one, I will buy one as soon as I can (June 24th).  While Android may offer more features and some higher specs, iPhone yet again shines as a more user friendly and polished device.

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