Famed Rock/Metal Band Garden of Eden / Dan Crenshaw Interview by Gabe Killian Dj and Online Promoter

Famed award-winning rock artist Dan Crenshaw get's interviewed by Gabe Killian - Dj and Social Media Broadcaster. Dan Crenshaw of Garden of Eden explains his history in Rock and Heavy Metal as a musician, his influences and accomplihsments.
By: Gabriel Killian
Dec. 16, 2010 - PRLog -- Dan Crenshaw / Garden of Eden Interview


This is Gabe Killian; Internet Promoter, Social Media Broadcaster, D.J. and music enthusiast.  With me today I have award-winning Rock / Metal musician Dan Crenshaw, lead singer & talented guitarist of famed rock band; Garden of Eden.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple questions Dan

Dan Crenshaw: Hey, not a problem.

Gabe:  First off, what kind of band is Garden of Eden?  What is your sound?

Dan:  We’re an 80’s metal band, forming from the 80’s.  I’ve been in various other bands.  Produced the sounds of Saxon, to ACDC, to definitely Cinderella sound.  Just the kind of style I capture

Gabe:  How long have you been in this music business and how long has music been your passion?

Dan Crenshaw:  Oh boy... my father was a lead guitar player, professional guitar player and I have been playing a guitar since I was about 6 years old.  I always had guitars lying around.  My father had multiple guitars and amps.  Always found it has a past-time thing to do as just fun… and you know, it was all about fun back then.

Gabe:  So what bands or musicians have you been involved with or played with previously?

Dan Crenshaw:  I’ve been involved with a lot of musicians, especially in the past ten years.  From AC/DC members to Metal Church members, jeez, the list goes on… and opened up for every National band there ever was basically… played with Foghat to %%%%, the Great White, ohh, it goes on.. we played with em’ all Man!

Q5:  Now from what I understand you’ve won some awards as a performing rock artist – Can you tell me a bit about them?

Dan:  Yeah I got involved in the Los Angeles Music Awards with Al Boeman, the President of Los Angeles Music Awards… and a real great guy.  He took an interest in Garden of Eden back in 2008.  The following year we were nominated to be at the even – The Los Angeles Music Awards and were nominated in 2 categories actually.  We were nominated for “Metal Band of the Year” out of 500,000 entries, and we won “Metal Band of the Year”  I also won Male Vocalist of the Year, that year too.  It was quite the year for us – kicked off a lot of tours, kicked off a lot of open doors for Garden of Eden, which was “long-waiting”.. that’s about it!

Q6:  Needless to say Dan, you’ve done some very impressive work and had some fantastic experiences as a musician!  

Just recently you attended and spoke at an event in Hollywood – Can you tell me about that event and what took place?  

Dan:  Yeah, I was actually attending the “Ronnie James Dio – Rock Legacy Award” This was honoring, to me in my opinion, The Best male Metal vocalist to ever walk the earth! I was associated and met some of the members of Dio over the years and actually opened up on stage for Dio a couple of times.  This was a big thing for me – When Al gave me the phone call that if I wanted to be the presenter to Wendy Dio, Ronnie James Dio’s wife… I about fainted, it was SO HUGE!  Nothing I’ve done, in my music career yet, was that much of an honor… Especially for the guy whose poster I had on my bedroom wall all growing up!

Gabe:  One of your Idols then?

Dan:  Big Idols!  It was an experience any rock musician would want to live through and done.  It was a great honor.

Gabe:  So you had a pretty close relationship with Ronnie James Dio… Did you get to work with him much?  We just like I said, did some openings.. Ronnie knew everyone in the world, he was very devoted to ALL his fans.

Q7:   Is it true you won 2 Blazing Guitar Contest’s – out of 100’s of people?

Dan:  Actually, Yes!  Back in Portland, OR… Back in the 90’s is when it was… the late 90’s.  It was actually 99 and 2000.  In 99’ they had semi-finals week, lots of people and I won one of the weeks, came back for the finals up against three guys… and unfortunately… I blew their shit away, and I won. (Everyone Laughs)

So I came back the following year and they called me back to represent my Title… you know if I wanted to go up against all the newcomers and see if I was still worthy… see if I had been practicing my chops, you know?  I had to go back one other year and of course I won again… (Everyone Laughs)

Q8:  Well from what I also understand you won the Oregon Song-Writing Contest out of 25,000 entries with your song “Shine On”.

Dan: Yeah, yeah, we actually did… Actually that is a song dedicated to my brother Linden Crenshaw, who is now deceased.  He experimented with some bad things in his life and went out that way… Let’s just say, pretty sad day and moment for me.  I wrote that song in about 5 minutes… from the heart.  I didn’t think much of it, but it was a huge song, very huge impact, also was on the top 100 in Europe.  It’s got some really big status and we’ll see what happens.  Very good song though, very good song if you’ve lost anybody in your life, it’s that kind of song you can relate to.

Q9:  Now being in the Rock/Metal industry, I bet you’ve made some interesting and cool friends along the way.  Are there any unique and interesting experiences that stick out in your mind?

Dan:  Oh man…  I’ve had lots of them… from opening up for huge bands to going to Berlin Germany and playing and Pop-Con festivals to traveling around the states being on tour busses this that… You know it’s all the same, Rock n’ Roll – Thousands of people, lots of people, Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal is very huge in other parts of the United States.  Portland, Oregon, Seattle, is very very slow on it right now, I’d say, needs to pick up more…  Lots of metal fans, but we seem to notice our crowds are much huger as we play in places like Texas, Las Vegas & L.A. – Places like that.  But we are from Portland, and we wish it would come back because in the 80’s it was HUGE!

Gabe:  Well, that’s why you’re here, right?

Dan:  That’s right!  To bring Metal back to Portland, Oregon!

Q10:  So what do you see for yourself in the future as far as your music history and Garden of Eden?

Dan:  Right now we are in negotiations in signing a recording contract, although we won’t say “who” right now, but it’s pretty huge… and let’s just say we’re playin’ in the fire and see what happens.  You know, we have all been promised this all our lives… but, until it’s on paper, I don’t believe nuthin’ (Dan Laughs), but you know, I don’t wanna say that too loud in case they hear that (jokingly), but it’s all good – We are ready to Rock!  Definitely!

Q11:  Awesome, is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans and what upcoming events can we look forward to?

Dan:  You know, we got a big show coming up January 8th at the Roseland Theater with members of W.A.S. (Where Angels Suffer) with actually 3 of the original members; the drummer, the guitar players!  One of my best friends, Steve Unger, who is also the bands bass player from Metal Church and he’s now in W.A.S.,  they are called “Where Angels Suffer” – Great band, they are playing with us January 8th 2011 and we are looking forward to that show!  I am actually going up the day before up in Seattle and hanging with them on their tour until the following night in Portland.

Gabe:  So if you want to be where it’s at – January 8th at the Roseland huh?

Dan:  Yeah, at the Roseland Theater!  You can also catch us anytime at Garden of Eden Rocks – just Google us.

Gabe:  Awesome, well thank you again so much for taking the time to share a little bit about you and your band, Garden of Eden!

I have a feeling that the world will be seeing a lot more of you!

Again this is Gabe Killian, Internet Promoter, Social Media Broadcaster, DJ and Music Enthusiast with Award-Winning Rock/Metal Musician, Dan Crenshaw of Garden of Eden!

Dan:  Hey Thank You Gabe!

Visit them online at http://GardenofEdenRocks.net or check them out on Myspace and Facebook Today!  Even follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/gardenofedendc

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Garden of Eden is a rock/metal band playing 80's Rock / Metal and is owned and operated by Award Winning Rock Musician Dan Crenshaw. Garden of Eden / Dan Crenshaw have played all over the world and with such bands as Dio, AC/DC, W.A.S. and many more!
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