As Acer are about to release the Revo 100, what do those in the field think about the upcoming Acer?

A discussion regarding Acer's new sharing device, the Revo 100, with comments and opinions from a diverse range of experts within the IT industry. Opinions are provided concerning the new Revo 100, including what features it has to offer...
By: Janae Mohammed
Dec. 12, 2010 - PRLog -- Acer have recently revealed that they are planning to launch a new sharing device that can automatically find home-based or mobile internet devices, has the ability to connect other Acer devices and has graphics hardware capable of 1080p full HD. This new sharing device, called the Revo 100, should be released within the next few months and should be well suited to businesses that focus on the web or expert professionals that are reliant on the best technology to lead the next stage of progression in their industry.

The Revo 100 should be able to deliver the above mentioned points as it has been put together with the intention of being as multifunctional and friendly to users as possible; hence young professionals are expected to buy or rent the new Acer sharing device in the thousands.

People who work in the telecommunications and social-media industry will also find the sharing device Acer to be both stylish and practical; hence, the light-weight and stylish design of this new Acer Revo 100 will make this new gadget the latest must have product.

Brad Kilkenny, editor-in-chief of magazine Hi-Tech said: "The new sharing device will give the consumer that little bit extra as it is an important turning point not only for Acer but for the IT industry. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to connect other Acer devices, has graphics hardware capable of 1080p full HD and can automatically find home-based or mobile internet devices; which is just the ticket for the IT users of today. This means that, sharing device should be perfect for a range of different professionals and businesses that may demand such a product to aid them in finishing projects and completing assignments."

As a result, the special extras and comfort available for the Revo 100 mean that it should outshine past models and it may very well highlight what the next few years hold for the industry. If this is the case then the Acer Revo 100 could end up being a faster seller other electronic devices like the Blackberry, Kindle or iPad. However, initial hype about this new sharing device may be part of Acer's marketing plan made to push up the sales of the new item. Nonetheless, it would appear that there are plenty of industry insiders who are excited about the new Revo 100 and are anticipating a high level of sales.

One employee at said, "Acer have outdone their previous efforts with this new sharing device as it has graphics hardware capable of 1080p full HD, can automatically find home-based or mobile internet devices and has the ability to connect other Acer devices. Although there are rival products on the market that have proved to be rather popular with our clients, we think that the latest Acer sharing device will turn into the latest phenomenon in the IT rental industry. Therefore, we have made a large order of sharing devices in a bid to initially anticipate a large level of rentals by firms within the IT sector. Ideally, this should be enough to meet the requirements of our customers."

This is the view that many rental companies and IT wholesalers hold, which could indicate that the new Revo 100 could be the hottest thing on the market. In fact, because the new Acer sharing device is so impressive it may mark a huge sea of change in the industry with competing companies designing their own version of the Acer Revo 100 similarly to how the iPad and iPhone devices were recreated and were pushed onto the market just after the first models were released.

Wes Stevenson, of Tech-Wired online, said, "Every twelve months or a product will take the market by surprise and IT producers try to create better versions of the product, creating models which can vie for attention, cost less and offer different add-ons. To be honest; it is what has happened with both Apple and Microsoft for nearly 30 years. With the unveiling of the new sharing device from Acer it won't be long before different firms will offer a variation of the product. Unfortunately it's just how the sector works."

Nevertheless the much-anticipated Revo 100 from Acer should be an exciting product that will generate a high level of revenue for Acer and it will simultaneously be the latest product for consumers to utilise for their own IT requirements; whether these be domestic or commercial.

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