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The internet has changed many aspects of today’s society. There have been a number of schemes advertised to promote products. Marketing has indeed become a marginalised style to promote and sell.
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Dec. 3, 2010 - PRLog -- Statistics about the number of consumers and other related issues help a lot in marketing that is why surveys online have emerged.

Giving truthful statistics covers a very profound subject. Statistics can be acquired through just mere gathering of different opinions from a limited number of people which can represent the majority. Surveys online help a lot for consumers to determine whether or not a specific product, service or anything that is offered in the market or talked about; is worth the buy, time, effort and energy of consumers, users and/or supporters.

Television shows, movies, the news and public affairs boost their marketing through surveys. There are also a lot of private and also government surveyors who gather numbers of whatever the issue is about from people who may be trusted by more people to give more lift to sales or quality issues. The issue of trust is very important when it comes to product surveys. How reliable the survey scheme is done is also another consideration. Giving an opinion about a certain product for promotion or advertisement purposes must be given with truthful statements otherwise if fallacy is given and false promises are enclosed, that is a clear proof of wrongful marketing.

Here are three important questions that may be considered when committing yourself for paid online surveys being offered by a lot of companies on the internet:

1.   Are there any hidden fees involved with the survey?
You have to be sure if the survey being offered is for free. Some companies will ask you to pay money to access database of some survey companies. If there is money involved in the registration, it is worth checking whether or not the survey company is legitimate.

2.   Why would anybody want to pay me to take a survey?
Companies prosper because of happy and content customers; that is why surveys are done; to boost finances and also to know what people want. A lot of survey groups will say your opinions are valuable that’s why they want your piece of thought about certain products. Beware of a lot of untrustworthy survey groups that will just get your money but your opinion will not matter.  

3.   Is there a minimum age requirement to take surveys?
Some survey companies set a minimum age to become a panellist and normally the accepted age is 18. However, there are also who take younger people’s opinions and this is according to the dictate of the product involved.

When you commit yourself to take a survey, you have to be very honest because your opinion will be the basis for a lot of customers. They will rely on what you say about a product they want to buy or try so therefore it is your responsibility as part of survey panellist to be truthful.  For more information about paid surveys online you may visit

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