Laser Tattoo Removal Holiday Special

Oregon Tattoo Removal in Oregon City, Oregon offer expert service, outstanding results and affordable prices.
Dec. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Oregon Tattoo Removal provides safe and effective tattoo removal in the Northwest. Our staff is expertly trained and certified in the Nd:Yag Q-switched laser tattoo removal systems and can permanently remove most tattoos with little to no side effects.

The Holidays are here and Oregon Tattoo Removal is offering a GREAT Holiday special for New Patients:

$99 for a 1” by 1” tattoo
Offer expires 12/30/2010

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal is the most common form of tattoo removal because it is safe, effective and less painful than other methods. Tattoo removal lasers work by targeting, heating and shattering ink particles. Once the ink particles are broken up, your body flushes them through your lymphatic system.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of sessions varies depending on the depth, density, color, quality and age of the tattoo. Typically, it takes anywhere from 3-10 treatments to remove a tattoo completely with treatments spaced 4 week apart. On average, professional tattoos take roughly 5-10 treatments and homemade tattoos take about 3-5 treatments. Black and Red inks are the easiest to remove and blues and greens can be more challenging. The laser works by breaking down each layer of ink in your tattoo. Our laser specialist will use a power that best correlates with your skin tone and ink color(s). This will give you a personalized treatment that will remove your ink as quickly and safely as possible. Call us at 503.387.3105 to schedule a FREE consultation with our laser specialist and we can give you a personalized quote.

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