How Does Decisionbar Trading Works? Trading Lies Exposed!

If you're like many traders I've spoken with recently, your frustrated, confused, and probably a little bit pissed off. To tell you the truth, I can't blame you.I have been an active trader for 20+ years, and I've seen a lot of garbage being peddled
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Dec. 1, 2010 - PRLog -- Les Schwartz : If you're like many traders I've spoken with recently, your frustrated, confused, and probably a little bit pissed off. To tell you the truth, I can't blame you.I have been an active trader for 20+ years, and I've seen a lot of garbage being peddled, but I've never seen anything like this.  Every week, marketers of trading products are pitching new "secret" ways to make money.   And every week, more people get taken in.

The problem is, you know there are good products out there, but how do you separate the good from the bad and the ugly? To Start with, Most of the products coming out these days have not been created by traders -- rather, they've been created by marketers looking to make a quick buck.  Worse, these marketers don't really know much about trading... because they've never done it themselves.  What they do know is how to "push your buttons" by telling you what you want to hear.

In the end, their hype is nothing more than empty lies.  So, here's what to do.  The next time someone tries to sell you a trading product that sounds really, really good, take a second look at it and see if they're spouting one of the

4 Trading Lies That Are Keeping You From Success

Trading Lie #1:
Back-fitted results prove the effectiveness of a system. Any trading algorithm can be back-fitted against a chart to show a profit. Which means that so-called back-testing (really back-fitting) is basically meaningless. Yet these guys proudly display their back-fitted nonsense as though it was the "Holy Grail." They're simply trying to lure you in with the promise of easy and instant wealth. But if you ever hear about a trading method "that has never failed and never will" -- watch out. You're about to pay good

Trading Lie #2:
Trading "robots" will make you rich.If there was a trading robot that could trade automatically throughout the day, without your input, and show a profit at the end of every day, don't you think everybody would be buying that trading robot? And don't you think traders as a group would be much more successful than they currently are?

And if such a robot were possible to create, don't you think a major company like IBM or Google would have perfected such technology by now? And if IBM and Google can't create a trading robot that always shows a profit, what makes you think that a couple guys working out of their basement can? The problem with trading robots (beside the fact that they don't work) is they're missing the most critical ingredient for trading success: YOU!

Trading Lie #3:
There's some secret trading formula that works 100% of the time.
Just like Ponce de Leon believed in the fountain of youth, and searched for it for years, traders believe that there's got to be some secret trading formula that works 100% of the time. Many traders spend their life savings trying to find this formula. Unfortunately, it does not exist. I wish it did. It would make trading a lot easier. But given that losses do happen, you're much better off finding a method that uses small losses to get you positioned for big gains.  You can make a decent living from trading if you can manage your losses, not fear them.

Trading Lie #4:
You can make a million bucks trading this year.
Actually, if you start with two million, I know lots of ways to make sure you have one million by year's end. Seriously though, if you're new to trading... or even if you've got some experience... the likelihood of you growing your account to a million dollars in just a year is slim to none. Can you make 20% on a single trade? Sure, it's possible. Can you double your money in a year? Sure, that's possible, too. But there's now way I could promise anybody a specific result.

As with driving, so with trading: Your mileage will vary. Why Am I Sharing This With You? Because I sincerely want to help you become a successful trader. And to do that, you first have to see through the hype and the lies. For 20+ years I was an active trader. And while I still do some trading, I am now retired and trade on my schedule, not the market's.

You see, for years I used a method that I developed to profitably trade the markets. I used this method to support me and my daughter. When I retired from trading, I decided to automate my trading methods to make it easier for both me and others to trade. That's why I developed DecisionBar Trading Software, a trading program now used successfully by hundreds of active traders worldwide. A Healthy Dose of Reality...Now, let me give you a healthy dose of reality:

•   DecisionBar will not make you rich overnight.
•   DecisionBar will not trade automatically on your behalf.
•   DecisionBar will not issue "perfect" trading signals 100% of the time.

DecisionBar is a tool... a trading method... that still requires your input. You are the magic ingredient in this recipe.
Here's How It Works...DecisionBar Trading Software:

1.   DecisionBar issues trading signals that are in synch with the natural rhythm of the market.
2.   DecisionBar helps you confirm the validity of those signals with a proprietary risk oscillator.
3.   DecisionBar gives you clear guidance about when to enter and exit trades for maximum profitability.
4.   DecisionBar allows you to visualize likely market movement and create a realistic trading plan that manages your risk.

DecisionBar gives you a visual representation -- the "lay of the land" so to speak -- of any trading instrument you'd like to trade: stocks, options, currency pairs, ETFs, and futures contracts…Then make sure to sign-up for our risk-free 30 day trial.

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Mr. Ahmad Hassam has done Masters from Harvard University. He is interested in day trading stocks and currencies!

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