The Easy Route To iPhone App Development

If you want to cash in on the Apple craze and own your own hands-free business, then keep reading to discover the easy way to iphone app development…
How to Make iPhone_cover2_3d
How to Make iPhone_cover2_3d
Nov. 30, 2010 - PRLog -- How a crazy iFart App debate turned into a $54,657 profit in just 30 days – and we’ll show you how to turn your iPhone App idea into cash without programming, expensive equipment, or complicated software.

It’s amazing that the general public doesn’t know how easy it is to make a fortune with iPhone Apps – even if you barely know how to turn on a computer!

Fart Makes $27,249 in One Day - Why Is This Great News For You?

A year ago, my friend and I were talking about the launch of a completely obnoxious iPhone App called iFart.  The App is simple. Press a button and completely embarrass everyone in the room. It's a gag...that made its creators over $27,000 in a single day.

Now, although the gross and obnoxious category was taken, I had a few ideas that I was sure would be great Apps.

The problem was that we didn't know how to get them created or published in the Apple App Store and we needed a good iphone app development plan.

I couldn't let the idea go. So I went on a crash course.

I read every book, article, whitepaper, FAQ and blog with information on how to create successful iPhone Apps. I tried learning App programming languages and hung out in forums and blogs that shared tricks and strategies.

In the end, I almost gave up!  It was just too much work! In my gut, I suspected that iPhone App development had to be MUCH easier.  Then it hit me.

If You Have 2 Hours Then You Can Become an App Kingpin...

Listen, the web is swamped with App instruction manuals. The problem with them is that they all assume you are a programming geek. Or, they think that you enjoy being chained to your computer debugging or testing code.  I'm sure you don't have time for this nonsense.

The good news is that there is an incredibly easy way to get in on the iPhone App profit bonanza in just 2 hours.  Plus, if you have a computer with an Internet connection, then you have EVERYTHING you need to start kicking out Apps in a single afternoon.

You're probably wondering, 'what's the magic sauce right'? How can YOU be an iphone App development pro in a single afternoon - with no programming experience?

It's easy -  Outsource it.

Here's how it works -
1.   You come up with an idea for your App,
2.   Next, you take the idea and write down what you want it to do and a rough sketch of what it should look like,
3.   Then, you hand it off to an experienced, low-cost iPhone App developer who creates the App,
4.   You submit your new App to the Apple Development team who reviews and posts it to the App Store; and
5.   You make cash.

The good news is that we did it all from my laptop using free software and we only worked a few hours a week!  This isn't a fluke...In fact - I've laid out everything we've learned and tested in - "How to Make Profitable iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience"

I've left nothing out. I've crammed every trick, technique and tip into a no B.S. how-to guide. You get it all. Although it took us over a year to learn this info, you'll be able to jump to the head of the line and get started - today.

Get your copy here:

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