Talent Management: Brooklyn Decker Talks Plus-Size Models & Diet Tips

We at Talent Management are all too aware of how often, and quickly, the modelling industry shifts. With recent trends including androgyny, plus size, and even transgender, it’s hard to keep up.
By: Jennifer Denby
Nov. 29, 2010 - PRLog -- So we were happy to read about Brooklyn Decker’s down-to-earth view on changing shapes and silhouettes, her insecurities, and tips on how she maintains her figure.

Last month, the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model told Shine how she felt about plus-size models such as Crystal Renn becoming more accepted and widely used.

“I know Crystal personally and I love that she embraces herself fully,” Decker said.

“It's a lesson we should all learn from her. I also love that she doesn't need the emphasis to be on her size. Why can't she just be a great model? Why add the term ‘plus size’? Why should a model even be categorised by size?

“The models who stand the test of time are the ones who convey a certain mood and confidence, no matter their size. Crystal has that ‘it’ factor.”


Later in the interview, Decker was asked whether there was a point in her life when she felt insecure and whether she ever has days where she feels that way now.

“Definitely,” she answered. “I don’t think any woman hasn’t, especially in high school. When I first entered the business, I would fast on juice diets trying to be smaller. My dad sat down with me at one point and set me straight. Then it hit me: I’m a woman, I have curves. I started to love that I looked athletic.

“I think we all have days like that no matter what our shape or size is. It helps to know that a capable body is more beautiful than trying to conform to a certain size.”


So just how does trim Decker maintain that Sports Illustrated figure?

“Whether I’m modelling or getting ready for a new role I follow the ‘everything in moderation’ rule,” she said.

“If I want Skittles—one of my favourite indulgences for my sweet tooth—I’ll have it! If you try to fight the craving, inevitably you end up caving and having more than you would have in the first place.”

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