Excavator Hydraulic System Maintenance

For all hydraulic excavators, we can say that as the hydraulic system as the body's blood circulation system throughout the excavator, which includes a hydraulic tank, main pump, multi-way valve
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Nov. 25, 2010 - PRLog -- Active in the construction site on a variety of construction machinery, construction machinery hydraulic excavator is the one of the most important equipment, hydraulic systems are the most important of these devices systems.

For all hydraulic excavators, we can say that as the hydraulic system as the body's blood circulation system throughout the excavator, which includes a hydraulic tank, main pump, multi-way valve, the piping and fuel tanks of the implementation of the action , motors and other components, hydraulic components which are made by precision machining, they have a higher hydraulic system maintenance requirements, improper or no maintenance if the maintenance will result in failure occurred, resulting in machine downtime, but also to take you to losses.

Three key points to keep the hydraulic system cleaning

Hydraulic oil into the hydraulic system during operation, cleaning is a priority. Should prevent dirt and other impurities into the system.

If the hydraulic system of impurities into the tiny particles, they will scratch pumps, valves stuck, blocking ports, resulting in malfunction.

How to maintain the hydraulic system clean?

There are three main points:

◆ Keep the hydraulic oil clean;

◆ Keep the system clean;

◆ Keep work area clean;

Maintain the hydraulic oil clean

Location of the oil stored in a clean, oil or fuel should be cautious. Use only clean with a fine grid filter funnel into the oil tank from the container. Of course, you must use the oil type recommended by Hitachi Construction Machinery.

Keep the system clean

(1) regular hydraulic oil and filter change

Good hydraulic oil containing additives, these additives to prevent deterioration of the oil.

However, these additives will lose effectiveness over time. Therefore, oil should be changed regularly to ensure that additives play a role.

From the oil filter can only absorb a limited number of dirt particles and other impurities.

For Hitachi ZX series (medium) machine, please be replaced every 1,000 hours of work back to the hydraulic tank oil filter, replace the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank to clean the oil filter to keep the system clean.

When replacing the hydraulic oil filter, check whether the filter at the bottom of metal particles or debris; if copper or iron filings show that the hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors or valves may be damaged or will damage, if any, rubber, said hydraulic oil cylinder seal damage.

(2) periodic emissions of the fuel tank contamination

Periodic release of water and tank sediment, oil for the removal of impurities is very important, but the regular replacement of the entire hydraulic system, hydraulic oil is also very important. This is the complete removal of the system of impurities, the oxidation of the hydraulic oil and other harmful impurities, the only reliable method. Then, should be recommended cleaning Hitachi Construction Machinery Hydraulic oil re-enter the hydraulic system.

Emissions of every 250 working hours, please hydraulic oil tank storage tank contamination.

(3) Cleaning

If the hydraulic oil contamination, especially when the pump or tank, the motor is damaged, you must replace all the hydraulic oil and clean the tank.

Keep work area clean

Supplemented by adding to the fuel tank of hydraulic oil or re-enter the hydraulic oil, make sure the filter cover and clean the surrounding area.

Use only clean funnel or container.

Do not dirt into the system.

Maintenance of the hydraulic system, can only clean plastic plugs used to seal the ends of lines.

Maintenance of hydraulic components, the table must be absolutely clean.

Check the status of tools, they should be very clean.
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