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Healthy Indian Food ! Is that possible ? Of course it is ! Prepare to be surprised ! You too can cook healthy Indian food prepared using common store-cupboard ingredients in the shortest time to tantalise your tastebuds.
Nov. 22, 2010 - PRLog -- Healthy and Indian Meals are words which don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.  However for Hanifa Hanid this is an area which she has mastered to a degree where fresh home cooked meals that are bursting with flavour and nutritional content can be prepared in less than 30 minutes on a daily basis.
Hanifa was born and brought up in the Midlands and moved to London when she married.
She worked in the City for the last 10 years and is married with three young children.  Whilst she was working, she made it her aim to ensure her family never missed out on good nutritional home cooked meals.  Hanifa achieved this by embarking on culinary creations that could be prepared within minutes which comprised of a mix of traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisines coupled with modern western influences that would appeal to her young children.
Hanifa knows that good food and healthy eating are an integral part to a family’s wellbeing with respect to health, education, sports and work. Hanifa and her family sit down together for dinner every evening without fail for her delicious home cooked creations whilst they discuss each other’s day.
It’s not all home cooked meals with Hanifa, and sometimes she does get a break from the kitchen when her and her family go out to a few choice local restaurants. However even this is left as an occasional treat as restaurant food can be rich  in regards to ghee, cream, spices, etc. which is unlike Hanifa’s recipes which are light and satisfying without giving you the feeling of being bloated.
Hanifa’s recipes are quick and easy to prepare and don’t require you to buy any special ingredients.  The same ingredients are used in most of the recipes but in different proportions and combinations.  
Hanifa has some great tips and is able to cut corners without compromise to save time like buying pre-prepared garlic and ginger paste.   Plum tomato tins can be bought from any discount supermarket, liquidised and kept in the fridge to use at your convenience.   Even sauted onions can be frozen.  Doing all of this ensures the curry base is prepared in very little time and all you have to do is add the meat or veg and some spices and herbs !
Olive oil is used for shallow frying, even fish fingers are shallow fried.  You will not come across a single recipe where food is deep fried.  Even samosas can be brushed with olive oil and baked in the oven.
Hanifa shows that healthy Indian food can be prepared in minutes without compromising on taste and quality.
Luckily for us now, Hanifa has decided to share some of her  mouth-watering recipes and time-saving hints and tips on her new website -
Come and experience real indian cooking without the guilt...

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Hanifa Hanid is an entrepreneur a wife and a mum of three children.
She’s the brainchild behind, a cooking recipe website with a great healthy take on contemporary healthy indian meals.

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