NovaMind 5 for Windows Mind Mapping software massively improved

Leading Mind Mapping software gets updated with improved speed, better editing, and iMindMap import.
Nov. 19, 2010 - PRLog -- NovaMind Software are pleased to announce the immediate availability of NovaMind 5.3 for Windows.

The performance improvements in overall application usage range from a huge 12 times improvement up to a massive 75 times improvement. This means that in the worst test case, the time taken to load, layout, and display a Mind Map was reduced by 92%.

In addition, the text editing system has been optimized to make for much snappier text editing, especially on large Mind Maps.

NovaMind's founder, Gideon King, said:

   "We are delighted to be able to bring these performance improvements to our customers. It is a real credit to our development team that they have managed to make such massive improvements to the performance without sacrificing any of the unique flexibility of NovaMind, in order to meet the needs of the sophisticated power users of NovaMind."

In addition to the performance improvements, this release introduced over 40 other significant improvements to the software, including the addition of imports from iMindMap format, and numerous editing and interaction improvements.

Existing users of NovaMind will automatically be notified of the update when they next start NovaMind, and new users will get the new version when they download from the NovaMind web site.

About Mind Mapping
Mind Maps are diagrams that work the way people think — they organize the information in the same way our brains organize information. They make it easy to understand, remember, and communicate complex information.

Our brains like thinking in pictures. The smooth curves and colorful pictures used in Mind Mapping create powerful images for your brain to remember.

Mind Maps cater to both logical left brain thinking and pictorial right brain thinking at the same time, which makes them a very good way of storing and recalling information, presenting things to other people, and brainstorming new ideas.

About NovaMind
NovaMind is used by businesses, in education, and for personal effectiveness, for tasks such as note taking, managing to-do lists, brainstorming, research, problem solving, decision making, presentation preparation and delivery, project planning, knowledge management, writing, and many other uses.

NovaMind has been leading innovation in Mind Mapping for the last 8 years, and with NovaMind 5, is taking Mind Mapping beyond where any software has gone before, making Mind Mapping even more powerful, intuitive and fun.

For more information about NovaMind, please visit or e-mail Gideon King at Gideon/at/

Gideon King
Owner / CEO
NovaMind Mind Mapping Software
Shailer Pk, QLD, Australia

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NovaMind is used by businesses, in education & for personal effectiveness for tasks such as note taking, managing to-do lists, brainstorming, research, problem solving, decision making, presentation preparation & delivery, project planning, writing, etc.

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