Pay Per Click Tips For The 12 Days Of Christmas 2010

Need help with your Pay Per Click Campaign in the run up to Christmas? Here are 12 Pay Per Click tips – one for each of the 12 days of Christmas to help you along with your festive online retail promotions.
Nov. 18, 2010 - PRLog -- Here are your one a day tips for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Day 1 – Google Website Optimiser
If your website is generates a high click through rate (CTR), but you are not seeing the conversions you may need to assess your website’s landing pages.

Day 2 – Google Analytics
Google AdWords and Google Analytics go hand in hand and work extremely well together identifying trends in how your visitors interact with your website. Review such things as unique page views and the average time visitors spend on your site.

Day 3 – Landing Pages
If a visitor sees what they want on arrival to your site, they are more likely to buy from you, so make sure you offer what they search for.

Day 4 – The Networks
Google have three networks that your adverts appear on, Google Network, Search Partners and Content Network. Analyse the results you get from each network which will indicate whether any of the three are not working for you.

Day 5 – Quality Score
Google uses this score as part of their ad ranking algorithm, which determines where your ad appears in the results.

Day 6 – Conversion Tracking
Inserting a piece of code to your converting page and see the exact keywords that are generating conversions such as a purchase, lead, email/newsletter signup or a page view.

Day 7 – Ad Scheduling
Scheduling your ads means that that you ensure your ads only appear when your key customers are searching online as well as saving your budget.

Day 8 – Split Testing
To indicate the best performer, run more than one ad at a time. Consider using a DBS 0800 number to monitor call traffic from you pay per click ads – you can order these online at:

Day 9 – Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are used to help your ads get shown to relevant searchers as well as conserving your budget with wasted clicks from unrelated searches.

Day 10 – Match Types
The three match types are; Broad, Phrase and Exact. This allows you to determine what your ad shows up for to get you the best results.

Day 11 – Ad Groups
Make sure you use your ad groups, there are up to 100 of them. By breaking down each group into more targeted key words, you can ensure the best ad for each one, hopefully improving your CTR.

Day 12 – Budget
Don’t always take advice regarding increasing your budget. Make sure you fix your budget daily to a limit you are happy with.

Hopefully these basic pointers will allow you to focus on your campaigns to gain a more profitable return on your ads. The run up to Christmas is a stressful time for any business and making sure they take advantage of the flourishing market and getting their promotion right is the key to achieving this. The benefits of Pay Per Click mean that your adverts are immediate and relevant to what your potential customer is seeking, if you get these key points on the spot, you’re sure to target them.

Oh, and by the way – Merry Christmas.

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