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Are you a hardcore fan of the Wii? Homebrew Nintendo Wii to enjoy more funs you never ever had! Nintendo Wii is ranked amongst the best consoles. Homebrew wii to get the best gaming sensation!
By: thurman mcknight
Nov. 17, 2010 - PRLog -- Are you a hardcore fan of the Wii? Homebrew Nintendo Wii to enjoy more funs you never ever had! Nintendo Wii is ranked amongst the best consoles. With fans of all ages and regions, the Nintendo Wii is now more popular than ever. Diminishing the old concept of wired video gaming, the Nintendo Wii brought up a new revolution in the gaming era. Whether it be friends or family, multiplayer gaming is equally suitable for both.

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An ordinary Wii console can play only Wii compatible licensed game discs. The discs are expensive. So hackers from around the world worked to making the Wii more fun and a little cheaper to use so they found various ways to “unlock” it. There are various ways and means which are developed to homebrew wii.

But you must be wondering, what does the unlocking as in store for you? Well, an unlocked Wii console can do a wide variety of things which an ordinary Wii console cannot. Once you homebrew Nintendo Wii, the possibilities are endless.

Your Wii will be then able to play homebrew games. In this way, you can play Wii games on cheaper costs. You can even back the games up on empty discs and then play them onto your Wii and the best part is that the game discs do NOT have to be original or licensed by Nintendo. If you have an expensive Nintendo disc and you don’t want it to be wasted by scratching, you can back the game up on another disc and then play in on your unlocked Nintendo Wii.

Once you homebrew Nintendo Wii, your Wii will transform into a multimedia device. It will then be able to play music and videos from DVDs, discs and even memory cards. Imagine playing DVD movies onto the Wii, the possibilities really are endless.

And if you homebrew Nintendo Wii, you will be able to play regional games too!
Enough with the advantages and benefits of unlocking Nintendo Wii, now let’s take a look at the various ways of how to homebrew Nintendo Wii.

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1. Via Mod-Chip: The hardest way to homebrew Nintendo Wii is through the mod-chip. You will have to install the mod-chip onto the motherboard of you Wii by soldering it through various connections. Caution: This process may damage your Wii and will void the Wii’s warranty. You will have to open the Wii up in order to execute this process, but if something goes wrong, you won’t be able to look up to the console’s warranty.

2. Via Soft-Mod: This may just be the easiest yet cheapest way to modify and homebrew Nintendo Wii. You will not have to open the console up or solder anything onto it, just run a few files onto your console, and you’re done!  The only thing that you will need is software setups which you can find from various homebrew Nintendo Wii guides online.

The guides can help you in homebrew Nintendo Wii and execute the whole process in less than 5 minutes. The process does not affect your console’s warranty and your Wii remains safe and sound. The best part of the soft-mod process to homebrew Nintendo Wii is that it is reversible; you can switch back to your old Wii anytime you want.

The guides come with good quality video clips, various text files and the software to run on the Wii. The videos and texts guide you through the whole homebrew Nintendo Wii process by giving you detailed instructions on what to do. This makes the homebrew Nintendo Wii process very easy for anyone to execute.

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