Koostik Delivers Free Volume For iPhone Users

iPhone users can now enjoy quality sound amplification without the use of powered sound docks. Koostik.com has developed a solid wood iPhone dock that acoustically amplifies sound from the phone's speaker by up to four times its normal volume.
Nov. 15, 2010 - PRLog -- Koostik.com, a Colorado based company, has introduced a line of acoustic amplifying sound docks for the iPhone.  The devices, made of solid wood in walnut, cherry, and birdseye maple, channel sound from the iPhone's speaker into specially designed acoustic amplifying chambers.  Sounds are amplified an average of 15 to 20 decibals.  A 10 decibal increase doubles the volume you hear. Because there is no power connection or any form of electronic boosting; the result is a truly green alternative to powered amplifiers- free volume!

The product has been in development for over a year according to designer Jim Simon.  The company produced over 50 working prototypes of slightly different design before they arrived at a final version for production.  The evolutionary process has resulted in a design that is both functional and beautiful.  Each koostik is hand made by a single craftsman, in much the same way as a fine musical instrument.

The concept behind the koostik is similar to many instruments.   In a violin, for example, sound vibration from the violin's strings travels into and out of the wooden body of the violin and is greatly amplified in the process.  The same principal is at work in the koostik design.  In place of strings, sound vibration created by the iPhone speaker enters the wooden body, resonates internally, and exits the sound holes naturally amplified.

The company chose to manufacture the design in solid wood because of its intrinsic beauty and value.  Currently, the company produces this design to work exclusively with the iPhone, and it works with all generations of the phone.  A similar concept is in development for use with the iPad, using a slightly different approach to incorporate both a stand and acoustic amplification.  The koostik for iPad is scheduled to launch within a few weeks.  Visit http://koostik.com to view.

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About koostik.com: koostik.com is a product development company specialising in accessories for technology gadgets. We currently produce accessories for iPhone and iPad exclusively. All of our products are designed, developed, and made in the USA. Products are available for sale at http://koostik.com

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