- A new marketplace for American businesses, where all products are Made in the USA! serves as a patriotic marketplace, where multiple American businesses offer their products to the American public, on one safe and convenient site. All products are proudly Made in the USA. United We Stand.
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Nov. 14, 2010 - PRLog -- /pē-trē-uht/ n. A patriot in the e-lectronic era.

The members of Petriot LLC proudly launched on the 4th of July, 2010, in commemoration of our country's revolutionary birth. Since then, the site has grown to represent more than twenty American businesses, offering a combined total of more than 500 products, all of which are proudly Made in the USA.

The mission of is to strengthen the American economy and promote the growth of American business, by creating a safe and friendly environment where the American public can connect with US businesses. makes it easy and enjoyable for you and your families to purchase American products from one convenient website, while providing you with the assurance that you are supporting other American families. We believe in our mission, and would like you to be a part of it. Help us rebuild the economy of the United States of America - join the Petriot Revolution!

America now faces a massive trade deficit, as our economy continues to decline, while foreign markets are enjoying steady growth and prosperity. This will continue to be the case until we, the people of the United States, decide it to be otherwise. Our nation's fate is in our hands, and the time to act is now!

It was this line of reasoning that spurred the founders of Petriot into action.

Late last year, in December of 2009, as our respective family members were Christmas shopping for each other, we began to seriously contemplate the issue. We began to actively seek out products on the shelves that said "Made in USA," and to our terrible dismay, we couldn't find any. Alarm bells began to ring as we realized how bad the situation had become: we, as concerned citizens, could no longer support our nation if we wanted to! We could no longer purchase American products - where would they find them? Or worse yet, did they still exist at all?! With the future of our economy seeming to be hopeless, but with a burning sense of patriotism, we decided to take action. We formed our company and began seeking partners and the necessary startup capital to launch a new website. (read more about Petriot: )

Almost one year later, we are proud to say that there ARE products still being Made in the USA! And that is where comes in, bringing all of these products together for you, in one convenient marketplace, making it possible for you to once again buy American goods and support American families. allows for a safe, friendly, and easy-to-use online environment, where multiple US companies can display all of their products on a single website, making it easy for American citizens to once again shop domestically. Each company is also given their own 'storefront,' where they can tell their story and give you a sense of who they are. is about connecting; it is about creating a national community. It is about coming together as one People, UNITED.

As continues to grow, connecting more US businesses with more patriotic citizens, we encourage you to visit us and see what all America has to offer. You can make a difference, and together, we can build a better country. United, We Stand.

At, we also have links to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, where we invite you to follow us in this act of economic patriotism.

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About Petriot:

Petriot, LLC is an e-commerce business, founded in Dec 2009. With the launch of its website,, on the 4th of July, 2010, Petriot established an environment where patriotic consumers can connect with US businesses. Consumers now have the convenience of purchasing multiple items from multiple US companies on a single website, with high-quality customer support and security provided by Petriot, LLC.

Our mission is to strengthen the American economy and promote the growth of American business, by standing united with US producers and striving to put forth the best our nation has to offer for you and your families. United, we stand.

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