Ximo Health MLM Compensation Plan Revealed

What is soon to be the hottest multilevel marketing company of 2011, Ximo Health has one of the most loaded pay plans of any network marketing company today.
By: Rob Wynkoop
Nov. 13, 2010 - PRLog -- Salt Lake City, Utah -- Upstart nutritional supplement company, Ximo Health, has a very aggressive unilevel pay plan coupled with a high-percentage payout on new enrollee’s initial orders. Also, Ximo pays dollar for dollar commissions – something not find in most MLM pay plans.

Here’s how it works:

First and foremost, given the current cost of Ximo bottles – it is easy to retail. Share it with co-workers, friends and family and pocket the difference in your wholesale cost of only $4… If you buy two cases at $120 and sell all 30 bottles for $10 each, you’ve made $180. But you’ll see that this is tiny to the amount of earning potential in other aspects of the pay plan.

When a customer comes back for more, you can enroll them as a retail customer or invite them to share in the excitement by becoming a distributor. You will earn 25% on their initial purchase. If they purchase $120 worth of the product to resell to their friends and co-workers like you first did, you’ll receive $30 from their initial order.

If they enroll someone, you’ll earn 15% on that person’s initial order. If that person signs up a new customer or distributor you’ll earn 5% on their initial order. If they enroll someone else, you’ll get another 5% of that person’s initial order.

So based on $120 initial order for all new distributors, if each distributor sells 3 new customers or distributors $120 worth of Ximo in that calendar month, he or she would receive:

$180 (Retail profit) + $90 (Level 1) + $162 (Level 2) + $162 (Level 3) + $486 (Level 4) = $1080 in retail sales and Great Start commissions for you.

But that’s not all the compensation, you’ll receive. There’s also a bonus pool that consists of 5% of all Great Start Volume (all new distributor and customer orders in a calendar month). You receive one share in the pool for every $240 worth of product sold in your organization or “downline.” In this hypothetical scenario, just by introducing 3 people who introduce 3 more who do the same down 4 levels, you’d have generated over $14 thousand dollars in sales in that month! You would also receive 60 shares in this pool – which could range from $10-50 or more dollars depending on the amount of the entire company’s new volume that month. Even at the low side, that could mean almost another $600 or more dollars in commissions – likely more.

Doing this, would automatically qualify you for the rank of Senior Manager, making you eligible to receive a one-time achievement bonus of $180 as well.

Introducing 3 people to Ximo and having them sign up 3 also down your line 4 levels would pay nearly $2,000 in 30 days. It won’t be easy, but thousands of people across the country have produced that much volume in that period of time, so it is possible.

Every additional order that these people make falls into a unilevel pay plan, where you receive 10%, 15,%, 8%, 8% at the senior manager rank (where you’d be if you enrolled 3 people on autoship of $120 monthly and they all did the same).

This is where we see the power of duplication or triplication in our scenario. From 120 distributors in month one, those people getting 3 others to start the business becomes 282 - $33,000 in volume qualifying you for the rank of Executive director! That’s $2692 in commissions and $4000 in bonus. Plus one share in a global bonus pool which consists of up to 3% of all volume created in the company for that month. And a $400 a month allowance to put toward a car of your choosing.

Ximo also utilizes Dynamic Compression – meaning if someone in your organization isn’t qualified to receive a commission (for example they didn’t place a qualifying order that month, but they had enrolled one person who enrolled three) The commission on that person below them and the individuals that they brought into Ximo will roll up to the next qualified person.

Find out more about the Ximo compensation plan at http://www.ephedradrink.com/2010/11/retailing-to-residual...


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Ximo Health is a Salt Lake City based nutritional supplement company that sells it's products through direct-sales utilizing a diverse group of independent distributors throughout the United States.

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