Trailer Life Magazine Cooks up "Best Ever" Turkey Dinner on an Auspit Rotisserie

Trailer Life Magazine did a product review on an Auspit Outdoor Rotisserie for their November 2010 issue. Their writer cooked up an entire turkey dinner using an Auspit. One of the author’s guests said "it was the best turkey she had ever eaten."
Nov. 10, 2010 - PRLog -- Trailer Life, a magazine popular with towed-camper RVers, took an Auspit Outdoor Rotisserie out for a spin for an article in their November 2010 issue.  Their writer cooked up an entire turkey dinner which included a 13-pound turkey, sweet potatoes, apples, squash and corn on the cob—all at once and all on one Auspit. One of the author’s guests said "it was the best turkey she had ever eaten." This link to the online version of the article includes some video footage

Auspit, an innovative cordless outdoor rotisserie, is an ideal way to cook a turkey as it cooks off the fat while leaving in the flavor, and it is possible to add a nice smoky flavor by cooking over woods like pecan, hickory or apple. Auspit allows you to spend time conversing with friends and family around the fire while the motor and the fire do the work for you. The turkey on the rotisserie spit slowly rotates to golden brown perfection as the juices bubble under the crisp skin.  It is mesmerizing, and a healthy departure from the dangers of deep fried turkeys.

Auspit ( is a great fit for RVers and anyone who enjoys good cooking in the outdoors because it does not require an electric cord and it packs up into a compact carrying case which is easy to carry and store.

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So simple, so delicious, Auspit is an innovative battery-powered rotisserie that can be used from the back woods to the back yard. It holds up to 18 pounds and two D-sized batteries drive the motor up to 90 hours. Auspit accessories are unique worldwide. Auspit was selected by HGTV as one of the "Top 10 Products of 2010". For more information see

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