Executive Jet Charter - Who Makes The Decisions

NBAA Fact Book data, Charter Auction rising star, some top ASTA and NBTA members are well aware that private business jet charter utilized as a tool produces better business results over the competition, so who decides about travel in your company?
Executive Jet Charter
Executive Jet Charter
Nov. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- Who in your business makes the decisions on travel? The smart companies, and there are a lot of them, America alone has some top, specifically 223 Privately held firms in the United States of America with a combination employ 4.4 million people and account for $1.3 trillion in revenues as noted in a special report by Forbes on October, 2010.

Executive jet charter produce results, (See the NEXA Study Confirms Competitive Advantage of Biz Aircraft, the revenue growth chart for business aviation, for companies and you can rest assured the top 223 privately owned either own their own private jets or use private business jets as a tool to stay ahead of the competition.

Utilizing Private Business Jets Yields Better Business Results

Taking a look at the small businesses, the 2010 Business Aviation Fact Book, produced by the NBAA, National Business Aviation Association, gathered data in publication from respected sources such as the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Commerce and industry surveys, notes that most organizations using private business jets are small and mid-size companies, as well as universities, governments and charitable organizations. Another Fact Book noted was executive jet charter contributes to part of business aviation of $150 billion to U.S. economic output and employs more than 1.2 million people.

Who makes the decisions to utilize executive jet charters in your company? Considering that businesses small and large that use executive jet charter as a tool for success and all the facts prove it gives them the edge over the competition, not as successful, it is time to take a real hard look at what kind of business travel your using and whose making the decisions about it.

Produced by the NBAA, with supported data, show that businesses utilizing private jets out perform non-aviation users in several important financial measures, including annual earnings growth, stock and dividend growth, total share price, market capitalization and other financial areas, roughly by 6% or more. Considering a business with a 5% success rate is good these days, 6% over the other guy should be pretty appealing.

Charter Auction, web-based http://www.charterauction.com, named as a Fast 500 Rising Star in the fall of 2009 by Deloitte Technology and placed in the top 15% of the 2005 Inc. 500, named as one of the ten finalists in the Small Business Excellence in Customer Experience award sponsored by Dell Computer and the National Federation of Independent Business, Director of Customer Service, Brandon Ferrante was interviewed about the volume of executive jet charter flights Charter Auction was doing over the past year and whose making the calls to request an executive jet charter. Ferrante stated, “ Executive jet charter fliers are better served with executive jet charter as means of business travel, the jet charter auctions offering businesses an even better opportunity to soar above their competitors by getting real quotes from multiple private jet charter operators in one setting, utilizing the technology-based platform of Charter Auction. He added, “To respond to your question of who we receive calls from, I would be hard-pressed to single out any one client, we get calls from ASTA, NBTA members and small business office heads seeking services for their clients or executives, but as well, many large executive corporate flight department associates call on their companies behalf.”

Deciding to elect an executive jet charter over a commercial business flight can be a whole article in itself, weighing out the pros and cons. I’ll save you some valuable time and fact book data from several well-known sources to substantiate it and just let you know if your not utilizing executive jet charter as a means of business travel then you should be. Take the bull by the horns, check out the numbers, call a meeting, but decide to take the long road for business travel and you might just be giving the competition that 6% lead and cutting into your own business success.

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About Charter Auction

Charter Auction is an online exchange for jet charter pricing, utilizing exclusive aircraft locater technology to make private jet charter affordable for our executive travelers. They offer point-to-point, private jet charter travel services anywhere in the world, at anytime. They also offer additional services including gourmet catering and door-to-door destination services with our chartered flights. The company was established to provide affordable private air charter travel services to business travelers and offer guaranteed competitive charter flight prices to travel agents and corporate flight departments.

Charter Auction most dedicated service is to provide aircrafts that meet or exceed the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. This model allows them to provide the least expense travel arrangements without ever compromising safety.

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