The 0800 Number Company Launches Call Whisper

Call Whisper has been launched by The 0800 Number Company. This innovative added value feature lets businesses know when their 0800 number is being dialled so they can always answer the phone in the right way.
Nov. 8, 2010 - PRLog -- The 0800 Number Company markets several telecoms products and sells directly online through its website. The product leaders in terms of order volumes are 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers and 0844 numbers.

“Our most popular product is the 0800 to mobile number” explained Jemma Fox “these numbers are very popular for business people who are always on the move. Their 0800 numbers are literally pointed at their mobile phones rather than a static landline. This means that wherever an 0800 Number Company customer is they will always receive calls on their 0800 number.”

Although 0800 numbers to a mobile offer excellent flexibility they have an inherent problem. An owner of an 0800 to mobile number will usually see the number of the person who is calling them on the screen on their mobile phone. This won’t tell them whether the caller is using their 0800 business number and so it’s hard for them to know how to answer as they can’t be sure whether the incoming call is personal or business related.

The 0800 number company spotted the gap in technology and have devised the perfect solution in Call Whisper. The way it works is like this. The 0800 Number Company create a short pre-recorded message which can be standard such as “0800number” or customised with a message such as the business name. When someone calls the 0800 number they hear the ringing tone in exactly the same way as usual. However when the call made on the 0800 number is answered the short pre-recorded message is played. Only the owner of the mobile phone hears the message – not the caller.

This lets the owner of the mobile phone know that this is a business call and prompts them to answer the call professionally in the name of the business such as “Good afternoon, this is ABC Plumbing. How can I help you?” This is obviously a lot more professional than answering the call with “Hello”.

You will see from their website at that the use of the added value Call Whisper feature is not limited to customers who have a mobile phone device. It can be put to very good use indeed for premises that several businesses trade out of. They are faced with a similar problem as when the phone rings they cannot be sure which business the call is intended for. A Call Whisper that is set up in each of the companies names ensures that all calls are fielded and answered professionally in the right way.

The Call Whisper technology can be applied to other telecoms products in The 0800 Number Company’s range. In other words it is not limited to use on 0800 numbers only but can be set up for 0844 and 0845 numbers.

Call Whisper is an invaluable business tool for 0800 number owners and is part of a suite of added value features on offer that includes Call Greeting and Call Recording.

“Call Whisper demonstrates The 0800 Number Company’s commitment to the very lastest technology” said Jemma Fox.

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We supply 0800 numbers to small, medium and large businesses in the UK.

If your not sure whether an 0800 number is the right choice we also offer 0844 numbers, 0845 numbers, 03 numbers and local virtual numbers for nearly 500 UK towns and cities.

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