Party at Narconon Staff Apartment – One Dead

Did the unqualified staff members hired by Narconon Trois-Rivieres, tip the scales of reason, thus contributing to poor judgement and death?
By: David Edgar Love
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Nov. 4, 2010 - PRLog -- Party at Narconon Staff Apartment – One Dead

Part One

Prior to pulling the trigger and taking his own life, this young man and father to a young child, had been through the Narconon Trois-Rivieres treatment center multiple times with no success. Indeed, a sad event that stirred many emotions and left a child fatherless.

We’ll never know for sure whether this senseless death could have been prevented, but I suggest that professional medical care and a qualified therapist would certainly have increased his chances. Unfortunately, the pseudoscientific doctrines and practices of Scientology hinder to such a degree, that all too often vulnerable victims of Narconon-Scientology meet their untimely demise.

How could such a horrific event happen when this patient had been through Narconon so many times? It is apparent that Narconon staff members were aware of a gun or guns being at the apartment building down the road from Narconon Trois-Rivieres, where several apartments were occupied by them and visited by ex-Narconon patients. In fact, the deceased was involved with one of these Narconon staff members and they had a child together.

After communicating with two ex-staff members, (one being the mother of the child), the chaotic scene became clear. Too many cocaine and alcohol parties; notably one getting out of hand, and the inebriation turned into a very violent scene, followed by a young man’s death.

More than 14 received emails, containing over 2,500 words, paint a scene of staff parties which involved a graduate patient and a loaded gun. These staff members had crossed the line of responsibility to care for and protect human life and safety.

The party raged; the gun was passed over the balcony, and death.

This vulnerable young man was known by staff to be suicidal and in fact attempted to take his own life on an earlier occasion as a quote from one email indicates: “Before he went back to the center last time, he tried to commit suicide.”

These staff members were well aware of the previous psychological condition of this person, but did not take the appropriate steps to inform the police or the Narconon Executives of the situation, which may have prevented this incomprehensible event.

In any other treatment center, surely the well trained and qualified staff would have immediately addressed this young man’s issues and referred him for therapy and counseling.

Unfortunately, many of the Narconon Trois-Rivieres staff living at this apartment complex, were only recent graduates themselves and unbeknown to the executives, had relapsed.

Continued in Part Two

by: David Edgar Love

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Born on the West Coast of British Columbia, David Edgar Love now resides in the Montreal area. David formed a charitable organization in 1990 and was the Director of a rehabilitation center for substance abuse. He then completed a University of British Columbia Real Estate Course and was employed as a Realtor and Sub-Mortgage Broker for more than six years. David's life is fulfilled doing research on public safety, culture, disease and illness, and strives to help persons with human rights and freedoms issues

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