Another energy technology suppressed by U.S. Government? Green Energy Reports demands disclosure!

Green Energy Reports uncovers yet another technology being suppressed by the oil industry to continue facade of "oil crisis" and keep public addicted to oil.
By: Green Energy Reports
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Oct. 25, 2010 - PRLog -- Los Angeles - Today at a 4 hour debriefing with a researcher from Sandia Laboratories (A U.S. government research facility), Green Energy Reports learned that NASA and the DoD owns, tested, and used, a new "plasma powered battery" that provides reliable and constant output for 5-7 years without a recharge or interruption in power.  The informant reported to GER investigators that this technology utilizes isotopes and a magnetic field to generate electrical current in any climate and environmental conditions and is extremely energy efficient with an efficiency coefficient of over 90%. The technology is being used to power the next Mars rovers, and current spy satellites, and new long-range torpedoes by the U.S. Navy.  According to the Sandia informant, the technology has been in use for over 3 years and "could easily be used to replace coal plants around the world, as well as to power cell phones, laptop computers, electric scooters, and automobiles".

The new battery utilizes nuclear technology but radiation levels are similar to the emissions of a mobile telephone. The first prototype measured 9 inches by two inches by two inches and was used to power a four passenger car with a 45hp electric motor. According to the informant, who "was previously warned and threatened about public disclosure" the automobile was operated non-stop for more than 13 months before the DoD claimed ownership of the technology which it immediately classified and labeled as "Strategic Technology".

The informant claimed that a battery the size of a refrigerator could power an entire condominium complex of 500 units for 5 to 7 years with no external support, maintenance or connection to a  power grid.  The informant further reported that there were plans to build a large battery measuring 45 feet by 60 feet by 30 feet that was designed to plug into a conventional power grid and provide enough electricity to power a city with a population of 2 million people. The inventor of the technology was a former U.S. Air Force Reserve who was a design team leader on the now-famous "Predator" drone aircraft used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Originally that  surveillance aircraft was intended to stay aloft indefinitely using an electric motor and the new plasma battery technology.  But according to our informant, the DoD took over the plasma battery project from Sandia and killed the idea since they recognized the technology to be "disruptive and too valuable to risk losing over hostile territory"

The inventor allegedly attempted to sell his technology abroad in Europe and China but was detained by the FBI upon his return to America and had all of his files, hard-drives, and models confiscated from him and "warned about disclosures in accordance with the National Security Act". Green Energy Reports was able to independently confirm this with a telephone call with the inventor who only admitted that he was in fact the inventor, "but I am not allowed to comment further".

Our informant also claimed that executives from Exxon-Mobil somehow learned of the technology and met secretly with DoE officials, and former Vice-President Richard Cheney claiming the new battery technology is "hazardous" and should not be made available for public use. He/she also advised that the CTO of Halliburton made overtures to buy commercial licenses of the new technology and agreed not to make it available for export. Unfortunately he/she is not aware of the outcome of that meeting, but he/she was present when a demonstration was given to U.S. Naval Warfare  Officers from Groton came to Sandia in 2007.

The Sandia informant insists the new battery does not pose a safety hazard but does have two disadvantages.  First the battery dies suddenly without warning sometime between 5 and 7 years (similar to a nickel cadium battery). Secondly, the battery cannot be effectively recycled at this time, and therefore a disposal depot would be required in an old salt mine or remote area where the radiation would gradually bleed off within 20 years and become harmless. There is now current research being conducted to completely neutralize the radiation factor and the informant said the progress is "very encouraging"

Our Sandia source also advised that Russia has a similar battery in development but apparently the Russian battery is not very reliable and has a useful life of 2-3 years.

Green Energy Reports urges the public to send a copy of this to your local Congressman and demand a Congressional investigation to determine if the federal Anti-Trust and RICO laws have been violated by the oil industry in collusion with others with vested interests in the oil markets.

This battery is now the second such energy technology suppressed by our government and the oil giants exposed by Green Energy Reports. The first hidden technology we found last year was Hobson Secondary Oil which is explained at the below link, and which has the potential to extend affordable oil production world-wide by another decade.

Our Sandia informant now fears for his life and should he/she suffer a sudden demise, we have collected his sworn statement and fingerprints and will make it available to should anything happen to him/her. Green Energy Reports plans to publish more details about this new battery technology after reading and completely digesting the 1,287 page summary report on the above mentioned prototype used in the electric automobile.

So the next time you are pumping $200 of gas into your tank, think about the technology that is available and being withheld from us today by our beloved government whose primary concern for new technology appears to be for weapons.

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Green Energy Reports is a Houston-Based volunteer watchdog organization comprised of active and retired petro, electrical, hydro, and environmental engineers, as well as both students and employees within the energy industry. Our network extends over nineteen countries and we only expose that which we are absolutely sure is true and beneficial to the public. We believe technology should be shared universally for the common good of mankind and not be monopolized nor restricted to military applications. Due to extensive vandalism on our property following disclosure of previously suppressed technologies, we no longer publish our address. Those needing to communicate with us should do so by email. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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