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Oct. 24, 2010 - PRLog -- In 740 AD, one of the Merlin (James A. Stephens) apprentices occurs Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina), reveal together with the evil sorceress Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige), Merlin. Morgana Merlin fatal wounds before his other apprentices, Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) and Veronica (Monica Bellucci), can stop them. While Balthasar battles Horvath, Morgana is preparing to kill Balthazar, but is stopped by Veronica, Morgana takes soul in her own body. When Morgan tries to kill Veronica hears from her of Balthazar imprison Morgana and Veronica in the Grimhold, a prison like a doll.

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Before they die, is Merlin's Apprentice remaining a dragon ring, the Prime Merlinian to choose to become the successor to Merlin's. Only the Prime Minister Merlinian can to defeat Morgana. Throughout history, captured Balthazar Morganians, magicians, the Morgana release, including Horvath, in successive layers on the Grimhold while trying to succeed investigated.
Balthazar steel eagle gargoyles came from the Chrysler Building

In 2000 AD in Manhattan, meetings of 10-year Dave Stutz (Jake Cherry) Balthazar in an antique store that is as youthful as when Merlin gave him the ring. In the hope that he succeeds, he is the dragon Balthasar ring, which comes alive and locks on Dave's finger. Dave accidentally opening the Grimhold the release Horvath. While detained in the fight for the possession of Grimhold, Balthazar and Horvath in a vase with a ten-year ban. Dave is humiliated when he is by his teacher and classmates with his pants wet discovered because of a vase that broke on his lap. There is no trace of the battle, so that everyone thinks Dave opened it.

Ten years later, in 2010, is Dave (Jay Baruchel), a student of physics at New York University and became acquainted with a childhood friend, Becky (Teresa Palmer). The mystical urn is opened, escapes and Horvath first, he throws the box out the window of a house, but Balthazar escapes the ballot box, just before he hits the ground and breaks. Dave Horvath found that the last person remembers, he is in possession of the Grimhold. Dave threw the Grimhold away after the battle, so he has no idea where it is. When Dave can not tell him Horvath unleashed a pack of wolves. Balthazar Dave rescues, and to escape on a steel-eagle.

Dave at first refuses, Balthazar help wanted, just a normal life is true, but to help as long as Dave Balthazar is to be left alone once the Grimhold is found. They follow the Grimhold to Chinatown, where the next Morganian Horvath was released, an assistant named Sun Lok (Gregory Woo). Dave defeat so the locomotive and Balthasar calls the Grimhold. Dave finds out that he learn, magic, after all wants to use, and agrees to Balthazar's apprentice. He is romantically involved with Becky to Balthazar's wishes.
Stairs and walkways were built over an existing well for the climatic scene in Bowling Green Park in Manhattan (seen looking southwest)

Horvath enlists celebrity magician Drake Stone (Toby Kebbell), to help him get Grimhold and defeat Balthazar and Dave, the Horvath Prime Merlinian is realized. You try to kill Dave, but Balthazar saves him. Cued by Horvath, Dave demands to know the truth about von Balthasar's Quest. Balthazar shows that Morgana caught in the Grimhold, and Veronica, when she escapes Morgana will try "The Rising", a spell, the magician rise from the dead and use them to destroy the world. Dave, as the Prime Minister Merlinian and heritage (albeit distant) of Merlin and his powers, is the only one who can defeat the Morgana.

Horvath and Drake steal Grimhold; Once this is done, Horvath used a spell to steal Drake's power to kill him and take his ring. He replaces the witch Abigail Williams (Nicole Ehinger), the last layer around the Grimhold and uses them to kidnap Becky. After Abigail adds that steals Abigail Horvath's energy and their followers too. Becky Horvath threatened to kill and forced to pass Dave Grimhold and his ring. Balthazar goes to Horvath and Morgana defeat, not knowing that the ring Dave killed.
The spot (right in front of the stairs) where Dave saved by Balthazar jump start his heart

Horvath published Morgana, which still owns Veronica's body from the Grimhold. Morgana begins the magic. Horvath animated the bull sculpture at the north end of Bowling Green Park, Balthasar attacks. Balthazar eagle rescues him by flying away with the bull.

With Becky's help, they reached in time Dave Horvath defeat and stop Morgana from completion of the Rising. Balthazar takes Morgana soul of Veronica's body in his own. Morgana Balthazar's spirit escapes the body and starts, power screws on it, allow it to take the damage to kill him cause to shoot. Its essential projection is about to burn them until Dave keeps with magic without the ring, proving he is the Prime Merlinian. He showed battles Morgana, and using the same experiment that he used to Becky, had he conquered, destroy it forever. Dave then stores by Balthazar jump start his heart. Balthazar again with Veronica, gifting them with a necklace he bought for her before she is sacrificed. Dave and Becky fly to France on Balthazar's eagle.

After the credits is Mickey Mouse Fantasia Wizard hat in a glass saw, with Horvath's hat on a table nearby. A hand reaches out and takes it.

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