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Oct. 24, 2010 - PRLog -- Katie (Katie Featherstone) and her boyfriend, Micah (Micah Sloat), are young couples who recently moved into a two-storey house in a suburban tract of San Diego, California. Katie says that ghostly presence haunted her since her youth, and believes that he followed her to her new home. She hires a psychic, Dr. Fredrichs (Mark Fredrichs), who estimates that she inhabits is not a ghost, a demon. He said that the demon feeds on negative energy, and its purpose is to harass and torment Kathy regardless of where it goes. Before leaving, he advised them not to tease or to communicate with the demon, and connect with Demonologist Dr. Johan Averies for help. Instead, every night, Mika mounts a video camera on a tripod in their bedroom to record any paranormal activity that may occur during sleep, hoping to solve the problem myself.

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Camera manages to capture some of supernatural phenomena, which remain small at first, including the bedroom door moving by itself, and the sound of quick steps down. As Mick has consistently taunts the demon, the phenomenon of gradual decline, including high-profile strikes and inhuman-sounding noises from the depths of the house. One night, Cathy wakes to spend a few hours of stand by the bed looking at Micah while he sleeps, and goes outside to sit on the backyard swing, none of which she remembers the next morning. Katie is already annoying flippant answer to Micah's situation when it gets angry Mick brings home a ouija board, despite warnings from doctors Fredrichs. Although two out of the house, the tablet Ouija board moves by itself and a small fire broke out on board a fire moments later. The next night, Mick sprinkles talcum powder in the hallway, and then the pair is a non-human footprints leading to the bedroom with a loft. In the attic, Mick finds burned photograph young Katie, who was previously thought, were destroyed in a house fire.

On the morning after a particularly intense pursues a loud bang is heard, and they find the glass over the photo of them was broken with the image of Mickey scraped from the bottom. Dr. Averies is abroad, when Mick finally agrees to invite him, so that the doctor Fredrichs comes along. Upon arrival, the doctor Fredrichs immediately have a sense of fear. He guiltily leaves, despite their calls for his assistance, saying his presence only to make a demon angry. Two nights later, Katie was dragged from bed in the hallway of an unseen force. Hearing her scream, Mick gives chase and grabs it back, the next morning they found a horrible bite mark on his back. Stressed and exhausted, the couple decided to go to the hotel. Later, Micah says Kathy capture cross so tightly that bloodies palm. Micah, angry at the situation he can not control, burns and crucifix picture found in the attic. Just as Mika is set to leave, suddenly calm Katie insisted that they remain in the house, claiming that they "would be good right now," her voice saying, dual with the demon voice.

That same evening, Kathy wakes up again stand and stare at Micah, when he sleeps. After standing and staring at Mick for about three hours, Kathy goes down into the darkness. After a minute of silence, Kathy produces blood-curdling scream, waking Mika who rushes to her when the camera is capturing something that sounds like the fight down. Suddenly the screams to stop, and silence accompanied by the sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs. Mickey's body violently thrown into the camera, knocking it. Katie slowly walked into view, her clothes soaked with blood. Crouching over the body of Mickey, she slowly looks at the camera with a wicked smile and suddenly lunges for her, her face taking demonic right turnout screen fades to black.

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