Decision Time, Stop Reckless Spending by Incumbent Councillors or Burden our Children with Tax Debt

Reckless spending for unsustainable programs by 19 year career incumbent politicians have depleted reserve funds of our community and city. Policies of spend, new taxes, borrowing and to burden our future generation with a tax debt must end in 2010.
Oct. 22, 2010 - PRLog -- At the beginning of this long campaign a good friend of mine questioned why get involved when it comes to politics? This set me back a bit.

However when one considers that 66% of the resident taxpayers did NOT vote in our municipal election of 2006 and then we all sat back and watched as their reckless spending was swept up to new  heights unprecedented in Toronto's history it became obvious that something had to change before our community and city collapsed under an umbrella of debt.

So here we are at the last few days prior to the most crucial vote in our city's history. We have seen personal attacks by the main stream media against candidates who have been trying for years to put and end to the reckless spending and outright arrogant behaviour by incumbent councillors.

And the voters have been reminding me  that candidates who cannot control the pennies will never have the ability to manage millions of dollars. Voters are the ones who have witnessed  the E Health scandal and the reckless spending by 19 year career incumbent councillors which has caused our city's current fiscal crisis and depleted our community and city reserve funds.

Rob Ford has been effective in his personal efforts and attempts in controlling and proposals to curb the chronic outrageous spending habits of his fellow councillors and his popularity unlike that of Georges in my opinion will stand the test of time.

It is not me,  nor the media, special interest groups or lobbyists who will decide our new mayor. The taxpaying voters of Toronto will decide that for all of us on Oct. 25.

The favorite question asked of me as a candidate for your councillor has  been, what key issues define your campaign platform? And what specifically do you plan to do for your ward, if elected?

Key issues define Peter Clarke's campaign platform. The 20 proposals for 2010.
1.   Rescind the vehicle and land taxes
2.   Rescind the golden severance package incumbents gave themselves
3.   Stop 19 years of reckless and arrogant spending of incumbent councillors
4.   Take the control of the TTC out of council and off the backs of only Toronto tax payers
5.   One transit authority for all the GTA and funded by 20% of existing gasoline and diesel taxes
6.   Reduce expenses and salaries of councillors by 6% per year for 4 years
7.   Stop the Chicago style shake down politics which adds tens of thousands of dollars to the purchase price of a condo
8.   Work with both residents and builders to ensure openness and transparency
9.   Salary freeze on all senior bureaucrats, a councillor has to manage city hall not be led by city hall for 19 years
10.   A term limit of 8 years for councillors and mayor
11.   Cap all spending increases to rate of inflation and zero based budgeting process
12.   Cap residential and business taxes increases to rate of inflation and no more
13.   Councillor must pay for their own legal fees not the taxpayers
14.   All city contract must be tendered and open to non union as well as union contractors and service providers
15.   Reduce size of council from 44 to 22 members in line with provincial riding's for our city
16.   Lower mileage benefit rate from .52 cents per km to standard rate of .35 cents
17.   Random drug testing for all councillors and all city employees
18.   Cyclists and scooters be permitted to utilize reserve bus lanes during rush hours
19.   Consult with all city employees for their costs saving measures to help our city get out of the fiscal mess
20.   Openness, transparency and fiscal responsibility through a forensic audit of all service and departments

Please visit the campaign web site for Peter CLARKE @ for a detailed breakdown of his common sense proposals.


The above represents some of my vision for Toronto, but unless and until we restore some fiscal responsibility and stop this reckless spending by career politicians and move forward in a sustainable, transparent and financially responsible manner any vision for our city will not be affordable by the taxpaying public.

On Monday October 25, please exercise your individual right and civic duty by voting for the candidate of your choice. Thanks, Peter CLARKE

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CLARKE an INDEPENDENT NOT a CAREER Politician or supporter of any political party, special interest group or lobbyists. PETER is your average citizen candidate and answerable only to the people NOT a political party, special interest group or lobbyist

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