Full Body Thermography; A Body Road Map towards Optimal Health

In the presence of so much uncertainty around medical imaging stands the ease of an efficient and non-invasive screening technique, called thermography. Thermography provides safe screening for indications of disease throughout the body.
By: Jackie Kane & The Thermography Center
Oct. 15, 2010 - PRLog -- Full body thermal imaging can provide a "body road map" which effectively points to indications of disease or areas in the body that need special attention before serious disease develops.  This is a great preventative measure to take and a tool which can lead you onto the path of restorative options.  

Jackie Kane, Exec. Dir. of the Thermography Centers,  (http://www.ThermographyCenterSb.com,) recently stated, “I am always surprised at the vast amount of information a full body scan can provide for my clients.  For instance, a recent full body thermography for one of my clients revealed concerns around the carotid artery pointing to indications of Occlusive Disease which relates to the arteries & the heart.  Although this person had received recent physicals, EKG's and other medical testing, it was only the thermography which brought this serious concern to their doctor's attention.  

Ms Kane went on to state, “Just like with breast thermography, I believe we are at the tipping point for full body thermal imaging as well.  As a Certified Clinical Thermographer I often hear from my clients about their desire to have safe and effective options for monitoring and caring for their health without exposure to radiation and in the case of mammograms - compression of their breasts - which they fear can cause cells to spread.  I think it is important to let the public know that there are choices available to them.”

As a result of recently published research, such as the Cornell University report (visit http://www.thermographycentersb.com/Articles.html for details) and The Norway Study, (published by The New England Journal of Medicine) which shed an unattractive light on radiation from medical imaging, the public is beginning to consider safe alternatives such as medical thermography.

Thermography offers a 100% safe and sensible choice with State of the Art digital thermal imaging. Thermal imaging screens for abnormal heat generated by new blood vessel growth in the area of tumors as well as heat generated from other abnormalities that need not be cancer such as lymph congestion, fibrocystic symptoms and inflammation.  

A full body thermography, also known as digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) Can screen for indications of inflammation throughout the body, thyroid issues, dental disease, melanoma, squamous cell skin cancer, basal cell skin cancer, arteriosclerosis, breast disease, internal carotid insufficiency, infectious disease (Shingles, Leprosy), ligament Tear, diabetes, Raynaud’s Disease, TMJ dysfunction, and superficial vascular disease, just to name a few.

Although not considered a replacement for certain tests such as a colonoscopy, a full body thermogram can provide intelligent information in the right direction and in many situations assist health practitioners with identifying the true nature of their patient’s health.

“I have found that true peace of mind comes at the moment we understand that we have the power to heal ourselves,” states Kane adding, “It is my goal to make breast thermography and full body thermography as common and vital as your annual physical, as well as affordable. We encourage everyone to educate themselves about the option of thermography and to make wise decisions after considering all the information available.”

Jackie Kane is the Executive Director of the Thermography Centers, (http://www.ThermographyCenterSB.com & http://www.BreastThermographyCenter.com), located throughout Central and Southern California including San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Westlake Village, Topanga Canyon, & Los Angeles. Ms. Kane can be heard regularly, on national radio interviews and at public forums, educating the public about thermography, breast health and cancer prevention. She is a Certified Clinical Thermographer (CCT) and a Breast health Consultant living in Santa Barbara, CA.

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The Thermography Centers specialize in breast and full body thermography. We are dedicated to providing healthy & intelligent options for your health and well being. Thermography is 100% safe and provides indication of disease through out the body.

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