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J. Goodin is proud to introduce new jewelry gift boxes to its catalog. Besides gifting, the primary purposes of our jewelry boxes and pouches are to safeguard the pieces your customers buy.
Oct. 11, 2010 - PRLog -- Jewelry boxes form аח integral раrt οf tһе gift аחԁ аrе аѕ іmрοrtаחt аѕ tһе gift уουr customers will buy. A fаחtаѕtіс jewelry gift wһеח given іח a bеаυtіfυƖ gift box mаkеѕ a ɡrеаt impression.

Our boxes come in different shapes and for different purposes as follows:

Colorful Heart Shaped Ring Box (1.75in L x 1.7in W)
Colorful Square Ring Gift Boxes ()1.7in L x 1.7in W)
Hexagonal Gift Box (1.63in L x 1.63in W)
Round Gift Box (1.88in in Diameter)

We have jewelry displays too.

We all know the main reason for selling any product is to make a profit, so when you’re shopping on J Goodin’s website, keep your customer in mind. Shop for products with a friend or business partner as they can provide you with helpful feedback as to what your customer will be interested in. If you have no idea what your customer wants that’s ok too! J has a link indicating what our best sellers are. And they do sell, trust us.

See the Light:

Now that you have made your selection and you’re ready to put those items on display, the most important factor we want to encourage you to invest in is lighting. Florescent lighting is not enough. We recommend halogen lighting. These lights can be displayed in the ceiling or in cases and they really bring out the glitz in fashion jewelry.

Strut Your Stuff:

Depending on the amount you are planning to sell, there are many setup variations for your merchandise display. Display your most important pieces at eye level. Keep your display area clean by putting out a few of the best looking of each piece and the rest in back stock. Place some items in the cash register area of your boutique. This is where most impulse purchasing takes place.

Some widely used forms of jewelry display are display cases (most expensive), build ups, and slat wall displays (least expensive). Fashion jewelry can be set on a variety of props as well. Wooden posts, dishware, mirrors, mannequins, pillows, trays, pouches, etc…And have plenty of mirrors for your client to view the jewelry on themselves.

# # #

J. Goodin provides wholesale jewelry for boutiques, gift shops, jewelry stores, and online stores around the world! Jewelry drop ship available.
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